)O( The Ceremony of Birth & The Womb Moon Lodge )O(




Here i’ll share my journey from 2 hospital births to 2 births at home. The first ‘home birth’ was not in my home and attended by a midwife in a neighbouring community. The second home birth was an Unassisted Birth )O( All my births were powerful and have brought me closer to my own power & instinctual self.

 As a woman and as a mother. They transformed me deeply and continue to heal and change me in ways I cannot verbally express. In moments of frustration and confusion on my path, I draw on the power I often forget about, as the distractions of the World pull me in many directions. Pregnancy and Birth are powerful initiations – meant to prepare us for the Labyrinth of Life and Motherhood. Birth opens a door into the unknown and the medicine of surrender and trust. This is a great beginning point of walking the beauty way – of bringing the mindfulness of ceremony into our daily walk. Sharing stories is good medicine – it can help empower others as we share our struggles, challenges, heart break, vulnerability & how we rose above the storm to meet our fears head on and persevere. Climbing those spiritual mountains and embracing what comes our way. Our experiences –  is how wisdom is birthed!

I hope my story carries good medicine – one that speaks of an inner calling and the work that is needed to reclaim the sacred self – the wild and instinctual – the intuitive and the mystery in all things.  I want it to carry the message that there is no one to blame in life – only lessons to be learned. Accept that YOU are powerful. This work is in your hands. aho.
















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