:>>Creating YOUR Sacred Birth Space<<:

Creating a sacred space can take on many forms.

We can create an alter that we add on to throughout our pregnancy or create it one when the time is getting closer to birth.

This will depend greatly on where you give birth!

Of course, having an alter set up before hand is much easier with a home birth BUT you can take a few special things along with you anywhere!

Then there is also creating that sacred space within – an alter that sits in your HEART.

To me that is really the most important one, because you take your heart with you wherever you GO!

In birth as in life, we are confronted with unforeseeable circumstances – sometimes we need to learn to be more flexible and surrender to forces beyond our control despite all the intention we put into something. There is a lesson here. So focusing on the inner, is always more fulfilling in the long run, then creating an object outside ourselves!

Both are sacred however & if you are planning on birthing at home – make it beautiful )O(

I used the table I usually sit at for doing artwork. This can be done anywhere. A shelf. A dresser. A table. A windowsill. Whatever YOU have!


sacred space 2


This is going to be your Sacred Space – Your INNER SANCTUM – your Womb Moon Lodge. Adorn it how you like!

There are absolutely no rules. Be as creative as you are willing to allow!

There are websites and books that can offer suggestions, perhaps even be much more elaborate than I can think of. Either way. Its a very intimate, personal and spiritual practice.




One thing is certain. Have objects that hold power and meaning for YOU. Things you find BEAUTIFUL.

Here are some things I had on MY birth alter:

* a cloth – I used purple because its all I had! but red would be a suitable colour too

* powerful images of birth, the goddess archetype, your children, YOU in your power

* create your own birth art – mandalas or other paintings, here are a couple of mine.






Empowered Birth

Empowered Birth




* Have your present children help you with art and birth affirmations






Make your own prayers flags or birth affirmations (be as simple or complex as you wish)




* Create objects of power like the GOD/GODDESS EYE ( Ojo de Dios )


Blessingway offering


* Candles (beeswax is always preferably as it releases negative ions and is naturally air purifying)

* Smudge – sage and sweet grass are wonderful for clearing energy and inviting the spirit of kindness

incense – whatever your preference – the less perfumy the better

aromatherapy – lavender, peppermint, clary sage, rose (uterine relaxant), ylang ylang, rose geranium, jasmine, frankinscense, lemon, orange, neroli

* Crystals – especially quartz – rose or clear – moonstone is great for all things feminine

* Beads or ornaments gifted to you

* prayer beads if you have them

* statues of that represent power, motherhood, or a strong presence of mind (eg. kwan yin – Buddha etc)

* obejects from nature – bones, feathers, shells – it’s really cool to create a medicine wheel of objects – one for each direction representing Earth : Air: Fire: Water

example –

FIRE -candles – smudge

AIR -feathers

WATER – shell -water – aromatherapy burner

EARTH – salt -sand – a plant

After all – you will summoning the inner wildness within you.

Nurture her with images and objects of her primal self- the ELEMENTS! )O(

Hope this helps you create your own Sacred Space. Happy creating & birthing.


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