>>>: ART :<<<



Creating art has always been a part of my life

in one way or another

even if it was just a simple doodle (i used to doodle all over paper’s – sometimes my parents papers hee hee)

for a time i loved to simply colour mandalas ((O))

mandala6 001

creating art is like a moving meditation for me

it helps me connect with that part of me that speaks in images -symbols

it helps me tune into a different wavelength of my brain – quieting the hurrying and analyzing of the beta beat


Wolf & i

Wolf & i

i’ve left creating behind quite a few times in my life

& only in the last few years picked up a paintbrush – here & there

but a creative life isn’t always about producing on paper or canvas

sometimes our lives call for our creative energies and that is where i put my energies for some time

redesigning my own life – health – vision – and then the most profound creative act >>creating human beings<<!

Mother of Creation =:=

Mother of Creation =:=


Creating art allows me to tap into my vision center – my 3rd eye –

a landscape that tells stories through images and symbols

a story without words


ravenhair 001

a place of release of all definitions


sometimes the paper paints itself without much thought ~ just a channel

and sometimes i have created an image to hold an intention for myself – for healing


Empowered Birth

Empowered Birth


Art will always be a part of my life

no matter where life takes me

it is my therapy for my Spirit


Speaking to the plant Spirits

Speaking to the plant Spirits


i love creating for other’s & have often gifted my paintings

i really enjoy creating something unique for another person

allowing my intuition to guide me to the images that hold power for them


Birthing with the Grandmother's

Birthing with the Grandmother’s

perhaps one day i’ll move into another realm

and offer prints

or commission some work

either way ~ i will always >>CREATE<<


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