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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. =:= Anaïs Nin =:=

Greetings Kindred Sisters and Brothers! )O(

I am Sabrina Wolf Moon.

I  have been gifted 4 beautiful and incredibly strong~spirited & independent little warriors who really have taught me resistance is futile! we have to learn to ebb ~ and ~ flow ~ with life ~ to bend with the winds or to break. Motherhood has been a profound initiation for me bringing me full circle to myself. You really have to learn to embrace it all or you risk creating a lot of suffering for yourself. =:= Through birthing each of them i gave birth to myself =:= This raw emotional journey is easier understood when recognized as the wildness that lives within us. in each and every one us. our modern day living has only domesticated our wild nature, but its still there, waiting to be connected with again. i cherish the inner wisdom that flows beneath the surface of our being, always there, quietly resting underneath all the noise.

“Our mothers intuitively understood something essential: the green is poisonous to civilization. If we eat the wild, it begins to work inside us, altering us, changing us. Soon, if we eat too much, we will no longer fit the suit that has been made for us. Our hair will begin to grow long and ragged. Our gait and how we hold our body will change. A wild light begins to gleam in our eyes. Our words start to sound strange, nonlinear, emotional. Unpractical. Poetic.” (((Stephen Harrod Buhner)))


IMG_4517 (2)


i long and live to connect with this part of myself as well as raising my children in an organic unfolding, led by their own curiosities & passions. So we learn at home =:= through the day to day ~ laugh and play ~ walks and talks ~ and the emotional depths of life. =:= Growing gardens ~ making medicines ~ creating art and beauty nourish my Spirit and i draw inspiration always, from my favorite creator and artist the Great Mystery & our beautiful Mother Earth =:= Welcome  Kindred we are all family seeking our Sacred Wildness!

You cannot use someone else’s fire; you can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe you have it. -:- Audre Lorde-:-

me and fire

i’ve always enjoyed sharing what i learn along the way & if that can help another i am happy. i am humbled for those who find this space ~ please feel free to comment -share & connect. _/_


it’s a guarantee my posts will be sporadic 😉


>>>: My wildlings :<<<

All Images Copyright © 2014 Sabrina Wolf Moon


2 thoughts on “>>: About Me :<<

    • Thank YOU Papa _/\_ even though i never got to meet her
      her spirit has been a huge part of my life….
      i’ll never forget the things i cannot see.
      i have shared her story with others & i will write about her again.
      love you too.

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