Solstice )0( Full Moon :: Ripples of Understanding ourselves ~ 2016


Awesome piece of an unknown artist to me )0(


An insight about the inner battle we all share came to me today, as I sat in conversation with a Soul Brother this morning, of the Solstice light.

We have been talking about shadow work a great deal in our times, as human, but what seems to the case, perhaps, is that we have been confusing our inner battle with light & dark, is that the shadow isn’t ‘ darkness’. There is much light in a casted shadow, as it takes light to cast that shadow in the first place. What gets confusing for one is, just like Peter Pan, you can’t get ” rid off” it! It is an essential part of you, maybe even of essential value, perhaps this place is where the sacred feminine rests in disguise. Wink*


Perhaps  easily manipulated,twisted, distorted to keep us in submission of our greatest potential to greatness, the dark, holds that shadow in a friendly, HA, headlock, laughing and all the while encouraging your idea that it’s actually a part of you when it’s not! We have maybe confused our Shadow with Darkness. And trust me, or not, Darkness loves that. Wink*


See, darkness is seductive, even sensual, in its ability to sway you under its temptation. It knows you better than you know yourself! It tempts you with its sweet longings of release of your pain, if only you would join it’s ranks and surrender to your own hatred of this world. And it would love all the strong Spiritual Warriors on its side….insert Starwars dun dun dun dun ta da dun ta da….

Your anger & deep sorrow are delectable foods for this manipulative entity. Morsels of yummy food!

Just like the understanding that you eventually begin to believe and absorb as a core belief you had thrown at you throughout childhood, you will begin to believe the voices of the darkness.


The battle is greatest for the bright, shiny & powerful lights , just like a moth to a flame, your power is a recipe for feast! Protection may not be under rated here? Ask your Ancestors who stand with you for help.


Don’t give up the fight!

    As alluring and tempting it may seem, to join the ” dark side” …insert Darth Vader breath…the honeymoon phase will wear off and you will be Consumed or worse yet, wake up in the reality you have been fighting off for so long. These times are times of great Spiritual Storms! A cleansing front is on the horizon pruning all the dead weight and broken branches off the Tree of Life!

which really, ITS A GOOD THING!

It just depends on you where you will be? After all there is no death, only a change of worlds! And according to some of the cosmic I have had the honour to know, there are many worlds.



Lay it all on the table. Surrender to your fears of unknowing. Be honest with yourself and any illusions you have been carrying or disillusionment you have been feeding. ( by you I mean myself as well, wink wink). Surrender to your sorrow, let it take you, shake you and release you. We all feel it. If you don’t, you are lying! Sorry. With the history of this planet, there is no way you can’t be ‘ not’ tied into it. Pray for yourself and all relations. Honour this beautiful and terrifying life! Without our deepest gratitude to the four corners and our Creator, however that appeals to you, life becomes dull and meaningless, which equals more food for the psychic parasites! Hurray!


We have a purpose

we have a gift

we have a deep sleeping power waiting to awaken

The sun is sitting on the horizon awaiting a new dawn of a Golden Age….

sounds far fetched I know, but we’ve all, or some of us at least have been shown glimpses!


trust & learn to truly love yourself and that shadow!

if you loose it, someone will come along and sew it back on…wink wink*


Injoy the season of remembering. It’s a tough road but worth it.

Much love

walking with you in beauty

Wolf Moon🌙


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