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On April 4th – the magical day of an intense Eclipse finale >:< our community had the pleasure of a documentary premier.

We were one of the first communities to witness the birth of a journey – that took 2 years to complete.


“Line in the Sand” – is a new feature-length documentary which provides a candid glimpse at the widespread grassroots opposition to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline >:< Shot over the course of two years, and released in the midst of renewed debate over the federal government’s efforts to further limit public dissent, Line In The Sand examines the political backdrop of the project, the visceral connection to land felt by those who live in it’s path, and lays bare the lengths to which many are willing to go to protect their sense of place and identity.

Line In The Sand is a collaborative multimedia project which aims to share the opinions and personal stories of Canadians directly impacted by the Northern Gateway pipeline. Begun in the summer of 2012, we have travelled from Bruderheim, Alberta, to Kitimat, British Columbia, collecting testimonies from countless Canadians whose land, livelihoods, and cultures could be profoundly impacted by approval and construction of the Northern Gateway.

>:< more information about the project – about the creators and interviews please visit their site here:


As Tomas & JP  began speaking it became clear their approach was completely unbiased having funded the entire 2 year project from their own pockets! IN this day in age – that says a lot to ME!

Although they wanted to feature interviews from Enbridge directly and Pro-pipeliners, they were unable to find anyone who actually wanted to speak to them.


I was excited to bring my 2 eldest children and their cousins with me to watch this film, which included our little community that in everyday life gets SO easily overlooked. We live in a small northern interior village of B.C Canada and often don’t seem to exist to the ‘real’ world which primarily exists in larger – more – Southern regions of B.C. where all the money seems to stay.

Its usually the big cities that hand down legislature and decisions MADE for us, even though, the one’s making those decisions hardly know what we deal with up here!

Our good family friend and Lodge Holder Robert “Crazyhorse” was also featured with a quick interview about his thoughts about the project and the impact this will have on everyone’s life.

Near the end of the ceremony, a pipe is brought in and passed to Rob. It contains a mix of willow cambium and kinnikinnick, and between puffs, Robert tells us that “You are not here by chance – you’re here because the creator meant you to be here.”

to read the whole interview please visit their blog 🙂


Although I couldn’t tell what the kids were making of it, seeing my son getting a bit restless (he’s 8) I noticed that my daughter (who is 10) seemed to be absorbed. I can see with so much adult talk & some political jargon, it’s difficult to focus…even for me. ha.

Yet, the diverse approach in interviews and imagery kept the audience, including the kids, watching. I thought it was well done, touching on some central themes including the interconnection that life really is, yet so easily dismissed or just forgotten.

Humans have become so disconnected from Nature, yet elevating themselves on the top pedestal.

When did this occur – how long ago? It wasn’t always so…..

It took thousands of years of creating a divide and separation between people and all relations to get us to this point. Archeologically there is enough evidence to reveal that even in our Paleolithic era all across the world, including Ancient Europe, the people worshipped life and the Mother Goddess of all creation on Earth &  the Earth herself, as a living being that nurtures and sustains us. How did this intimate connection become so lost? Are we on the path of finding it again?


goddess world


In my heart I believe we are ❤ In life there are seasons and cycles. Some cycles last for thousands of years. All stepping stones in an unraveling exploration in consciousness. We have many prophecies from many Nation’s all saying the same thing. That we are coming into an Age of great changes, for the betterment of mankind and his/her connection to all that is. These changes don’t often come without some massive shaking and upheaval though, and this is where we sit, on the precipice of this great ‘RE-Awakening’. We are the change we wish to see in the world, all we have to do is realize exactly the power that dwells within us and to use it wisely.


The change we want is also seeded in our young ones – the ones who will take over when we are gone! The young rainbow warriors of the future that will protect all things sacred! You might be surprised to know what they think and feel once that information is presented to them, but it takes the right words and the proper exposure to really SEE the truth. What are schools doing in this day to help our youth realize that their choices are making a VERY real impact on the World, considering how much time our young ones spend in these institutions? How are their families shaping their views?

Are we addressing the need to curb empty consumerism? Or our we grooming more generations to view the world as a disposable commodity?

Are we ensuring that we have a future of farmers and humans raising animals in an ethical and compassionate way?


The next day after watching the film I got my daughter Lili to journal about her experience watching it. I wanted to see, what she actually got out of it. What her mind perceived & her feelings about it all. Because I Un-school my kids, I found it important to give her thoughts a voice and share her perspective. I was actually very amazed (my children amaze me everyday, with their compassion and perception of life!). I love that her point of view has not been swayed to only one point of view, which, sadly is the case for most school children. YOU get taught what the higher powers deem acceptable to teach. I recently came across a post on FB which made me shake my head, because someone posted some school material in which the subject matter revolved how safe and efficient GMO plant crops are!


We claim to have enough proof of that to begin indoctrinating children in school to think they are just fine and dandy and a healthy progress for mankind? YIKES.


So anyways. After reading her journal entry I realized these kids now think that using oil is BAD! lol. Which is true to some extent, but I think the biggest problem with industry in general is overconsumption and taking more than one needs, all for the sake of a healthy economy?


Can’t our economy be built on something that won’t devastate the Earth we live on? Do we really need to poison our water and air to the point that many people live with unsafe drinking water and thick toxic air? Do we really need to kill our now chemically dependant soil to the point of a full blown drought and desert lands.  Do we really need to cut down clear cuts of forests to stock pile and then ship over to China, yet hardly reap any benefits from our own resources? (My spouse has worked in forestry his whole life, he knows a lot about the industry and it’s very sad).


So I tried to turn the kid’s attention to the fact that the changes we need and seek are often not as complicated as it seems. We have alternative energy technologies at our fingertips. We do, we just need to make it mainstream. It can begin as simply as growing a garden and eventually establishing a locally sourced food supply. Now that could benefit the local economy! Employ the people who live there and create less need for oil because now we aren’t shipping food all over the flippin’ place like we’ve become accustomed too. Every community should be self reliant! Importing things that are unique and different would be fine – but for me buying lettuce and potatoes from the U.S when I darn well know we can grow that here seems rather ‘insanse’? Don’t you.


The point is, are we listening? I mean really listening?

As important as our own physical survival is and our dependence on nature – we often forget, we aren’t the only living community on Earth!

Are we taking care of the all the four leggeds, the swimmers, the winged, the critters who provide us with so much we cannot SEE?

The trees and the plants and the ecosystems they create?

It isn’t just about US!

Will we put our desire driven ego consumed by false beliefs of success and progress aside? – to really see?

We can’t fill our empty Spirits with plastic temporary highs that consumerism brings. And why do we need a new everything – every year….?

How about creating things that last again? Hmmm.

When will the nations of the world recognize their abundance all around them and utilise THOSE resources?

I don’t believe we need to set our technological inventions aside entirely. I to enjoy the fact I can throw my laundry in a washing machine, have running water and lights at the flick of a switch – but I don’t want a new washing machine, or stove, or vehicle, or phone, or computer, that will die on my within a short few years, just to end up in a landfill. YUCK. And truth is it doesn’t have to be this way….- its just designed this way.


It will be an interesting future I’m sure as we witness the changes coming. I hope we, as a collective, can pull together and make the lessons more gentle. After all, its more important to unite on the things we all have in common, which are many, rather than what divides us. That is a colonized and strategic approach the Elite have been using for thousands of years to pit the people against each other, meanwhile the true enemy, slips away, behind the scenes.


Here’s to truth & may love prevail!

Line in Sand

Lili’s review ❤

(click on the image to enlarge)

Here’s a great tune to leave this post with…because we are Warrior people when we live in our Spiritual truth and in connection with ALL that IS. Hand to Heart >:<







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