gods and goddess


My Ancestors

their Stories

swept away

by the winds of time

so long forgotten

the sweet smell of medicine burning –

the beat of a drum

rattles dancing

& Voices joined

in Healing songs

Sacred forest seers

Wisdom of the voiceless

flowing through my bones


god drum


Where are the rituals?

Where is the ceremony?

Living on in many Nations?


The human spirit carries on

The Shaman lives in everyone

Travelling on the beat of the Heart

Some asleep

Some awakening


triple goddess green


Thousands of winds have blown

washing over Her-story

burying the Goddesses wisdom

under Earth’s blanket

she slumbers

she still lives – she breathes

through our breath

the Grand~daughters of the ones

who were not silenced

and their Sons



The midwives

The healers

The Medicine Women & Men

The Herbalists

The Visionaries

The Life givers

The Protectors of the Sacred


goddess owl



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