Spring Equinox >:< Celebrating Balance & New beginnings )O(

wolf moon listening to the plant spirits


Happy Spring Equinox Everyone!

Today is a day of BALANCE –  of equal Light & Dark and then we head into more and more light!

Some intense energies have been stirring in the last couple of months working up to this Solar Eclipse with a Geo magnetic storm and Solar Flare’s adding some ooopmphff to the season of Change!

Can you feel it?

The intense rumblings within?

That incredible sense of change coming – but not knowing what it is?

This shift in season -cycle – and energy can be exhilarating but can also carry with it uncertainty and tension as we are being asked to keep releasing the old, which can be unsettling and uncomfortable. Just remember though, this too shall pass, and the more we go with the flow  – the easier it BECOMES.

Here are some energy insights from Elizabeth Peru – check out her work & show her some Love >:<

ELIZABETH’S ECLIPSE MESSAGE: On this most rare and sacred of cosmic occurrences, when the Super Moon is New (close to Earth), The Sun is totally eclipsed and The Equinox follows. It is important that we stop, reflect and re-focus on what is important in our life. What you focus on now builds in strength over the next six months…

With this triple cosmic event there is a doorway opening up for you. It stays open for the next TWO WEEKS. It closes on the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in early April…what type of doorway? Well one that challenges you to live every day of the next two weeks “AS IF” you were already in your ideal life. No exception.

– New beginnings abound.
– Focus ONLY on what you desire.
– Negative and Positive thoughts will be amplified. Choose wisely.
– You are in super manifesting mode.
– We are pulled within and asked to envision our ideal life.
– Be outdoors in sacred ceremony. Being in nature is perfect.
– Give thanks for all the cosmic/Angelic help around you.
– What you kick off today will come full circle by September.

Want to know all the details? My in-depth guidance is in the NEW ISSUE of THE TIP-OFF GLOBAL ENERGY FORECAST.

It’s exciting not knowing exactly what lies ahead – but we have to TRUST – knowing we will be able to take on whatever comes our way & to keep aligning ourselves with the flow of the Universe & the energies weaving into and through our lives.

Even when it feels like we are blowing in the Wind like a seed – we can find peace and trust that we will take root in just the right place if we surrender to the current.

I wish everyone a wonderful shift into a new season and may all the seeds you are planting in your life reveals themselves to YOU – so you may nurture the ones that came straight from the  heart ♥

Here’s some astral insights Mystic Mama has put together >:< Please visit her site & give show her some LOVE.

An eclipse here speaks of completion on a grand scale… This degree of the zodiac brings to a close great cycles of time and change, major life themes and patterns.

“An eclipse here reminds us the cosmos has its own timetable, weaving its design through our lives with or without our consent.
“We are faced with the choice to synchronize our timepiece of the heart with that of the heavens or occupy our own time zone – sometimes in synch, sometimes way out of it, struggling to impose our own schedule upon the unfolding of sacred creation.
“The endings we face now, be they losses, disappointments or liberating closure, remind us of the need for deep and abiding alignment with the god-force from here on in, as it threads its way through our lives.
“The cycles now ending offered certain challenges, opportunities and emergent wisdom. They required choices, the distant outcomes of which we now face.
“Those made in alignment with the evolutionary imperative of awakening reveal powerful new beginnings on the near horizon, crystallizing as we speak. Past courage will reap rewards of freedom and deep peace.





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