Birth Warrior ~ Guided by Instinct >:<

Birth Warrior ~ Guided by Instinct

You are the caretaker of the generations, you are the birth giver,” the Sun told the Woman.

“You will be the carrier of this universe.

=:= Creation Story =:=

Birth Warrior


Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason

 :>>Ralph Waldo Emerson<<:

This painting, I just finished, after a year of remaining only a skeleton – has finally reached it’s fruition. I picked up the brush and filled in the spaces of the story that lies deep in this symbolic imagery of the journey, that was mine.

The story is one of a woman finding herself and her empowerment. There is no completion to this story – it really is path that just keeps unfolding. I am still learning to LISTEN to my intuition and trusting in that guidance, but I would say that through my birthing experiences I have learned a great deal what it means to listen and heed that guidance.

We are all medicine women and medicine men. That potential lies within every living being on Earth. Intuition and a that deep knowing are birthrights we are all given. These psychic abilities are much more normal than paranormal. They are wired into us for survival but also creation. We just haven’t acknowledged them like our Ancestors did.

This painting is the story of my unassisted – undisturbed – physiologically trusting water birth with my 4th child and Sun Rowan Noah Phoenix. I learned SO much from this experience that thrust me into taking full responsibility of my body, my mind, my feelings and fears and my entire pregnancy and birth. Through the understanding that birth is naturally safe when its honoured to unfold the way its physiologically meant to. I had to dig deep and see that I was not previously flawed in any way, but that understanding of birth was interfered with. We need a new generation of birth workers to rise up who understand the web and intricacy of birth and truly begin to serve again.

 I am not more special or braver than any other woman, nor do we require to go Unassisted to have an empowered birth. This was just MY path. Part of trusting intuition is finding YOUR path. I know for me, this was the safest path for me, because I know how I work. I know that I need space and solitude when I am working through challenge, in all aspects of my life. I know how my senses work, when I sense another’s fear or doubt and how quickly that affects me!  If you know you feel safest when supported by others that is YOU being guided. Honour that.

I don’t need science to validate my knowing that observation affects that which is being observed. I have lived this empathically. I went through 3 births before hand that made that very clear to me.

The path of Empowered birth – the Birth Warrior- lives in every single Woman on Earth. She comes equipped with the same potential. It is not for the gifted or the special. Undisturbed – physiological birth is for every WOMAN and her baby.

It took me 3 births to accept & deeply integrate the knowledge and power that already existed within me, that knew just how to birth this baby in the safest way possible.

That deep primal knowing within our bodies that emerges given the right preparation in Body-Mind & Spirit as well as the immense trust that begets all reason alone; that deep connection our Foremothers were in touch with, because when it comes down to it we cannot ‘think’ our babies out!

Birth itself  – is the Mother’s POWER. Birth is not more powerful than her – it is only as powerful as the mother herself. Will you accept your power? Surrender to yourself?

Unassisted or Free~birth are words we hearing about more often nowadays but NEW- it is not. It is the physiologically wired knowledge within. It is ANCIENT.  We haven’t been around for thousands and thousand of years because birth is flawed. Unassisted just means no medical professional or even midwife was present, or directing (controlling) the experience.  Birth is then given back to the Mother – trusting in her body. Guided by her own intuition – instincts & baby.

You can have a mother led birth with a Midwife as well – if she truly is a guardian of birth, not a saviour, she will know, to only lend a hand when needed. She becomes the Wise woman and the Shaman, only redirecting the flow of energy. A source of strength, being the roots that anchor the energies  into the ground.

It is a dance – a spiral – leading us deeply within ourselves. The birth trance that takes us into our PRIMAL nature, where BODY WISDOM takes over and the mind surrenders to the heart. It’s all about flow of energy and flow of the right hormones. The flow of emotions – energy-in-motion. This is SACRED SPACE. This is what needs protection.

It’s about creating that Sacred Space within first  – The sacred Womb Lodge that honours Pregnancy as a gift of growth. We nourish our bodies – we meditate to clear our psychic channels to hear the guidance speak from deep within. We work through the emotions that rise up wanting to be felt and released.  To clear the way of all energetic blocks. We begin taking note of messages in dreams, daydreams and subtle whisperings of Spirit and the guiding whispers of our unborn.

We create a field of birth from the moment we conceive, creating a matrix where every moment  becomes a prayer, an affirmation ~ an energetic web that collects all feelings, fears, visions, dreams and thoughts about birth, the baby, yourself and life. This living prayer becomes solidified through  daily actions & is nurtured by  thoughts and feelings.

It feels so very true to me that birth is a woman’s most profound initiation into spirituality, but even more so, I see, it is a profound initiation back to YOUR-SELF. Full Circle ((O))

Pregnancy was a Ceremony & birthing was the Vision Quest – the ultimate initiation into the Spirituality of Motherhood. It is not always easy – but that is the nature of life! We can’t control the circumstances we have to face, but we can control how we respond to the challenge. Taking back our power and rising up one birth at a time!

We have to come home to the knowing that our experiences on Earth, in birth and just in life are teachings. This is what Sacred Birth is all about! It’s when lesson’s are learned that wisdom grows. Not only can pregnancy and birth and motherhood brings us closer to our ‘true’ selves and reveal our strength’s and weaknesses but also what we are still working on. The birth of our babies is also a reflection of the relationship we will have with our children. Birth is the foundation that we rest upon and everything unfolds from there. Everything was meant to be the way it is! We have to rise above the challenges we face, pick ourselves up when we have fallen and just know that every obstacle, heartbreak and challenge are here to serve a purpose so we may grow and break through the limitations we have built around ourselves. We have the power to receive our babies in the most gentle way possible. Gentle doesn’t always mean without intensity. It is powerful, raw and wild. Birth needs a certain level of that intensity for a babies passage and her own preparation into this physical realm.


As Women we are Birth Warriors. We have cut through the myths and false beliefs and fears about birth that have been deeply conditioned into our being as Truth.  The time for the Wise Woman traditions to be reclaimed begins with each and every one of us. To listen again to the intuitive guiding voice and our instincts that always guide us toward our greatest potential. ♥

AHO >:<

It’s not up to me to change anyone’s beliefs or event to confront the practices of birth today – but a sharing from my heart, a space to tell the stories.  >:<

If you’re interested in reading more you can read my full story of my birth journey’s here :

I also wrote 2 other articles that touch more deeply on the nature of undisturbed birth and my experience of self empowerment.


Thank YOU >:< ♥


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