Round and round the Sun we go >>>:<<<

as within as without


As above >:<So below

As within >:< So with out


This may be something you’ve heard over and over in many Spiritual paths – the world as our mirror, everything in our life as a reflection of our true nature, our thoughts and our conditioned beliefs. It may be something that sounds far out or just be an interesting concept, but I feel it as truth.

Perhaps it’s my truth – but when I feel deeper I do sense it is a collective truth. Everything is connected. This is the natural law we are once again beginning to awaken too.

I’ve watched and observed this natural law in my life for some time and am still learning how to grow with this as my foundation. The place I take my guidance from, the place I take my direction from to walk forward.


I have come to understand that when I look at the World – my world – from this perspective, everything that comes my way carries a teaching with it.

It could be an animal, plant, word,  I see repeatedly – in real time or just through synchronicity – like seeing the image of an animal or plant repeatedly or the same word , in dreams or just repeated thoughts.

The people in my life are also the my greatest mirrors. Especially my children. Motherhood really, has profoundly impacted my growth because of this reflection they hold for me. Motherhood is my daily spiritual practice.


Messengers are everywhere >:<

All we have to do is be OPEN and quiet enough to listen to the whispers.

Sometimes when the whispers are ignored or remain unacknowledged they turn into roars!

Life may explode in drama all around & it may seem sudden, but more than likely, there were many opportunities to notice the messages.


The body itself is the greatest mirror & teacher we have. In nature, everything is reflected to us in its natural order. The body speaks in symbolic imagery – the Universe is a Holograph and within its fractal nature, as within – as without, becomes not a theory or belief it becomes a teaching in motion.

The body talks & meditation helps (medicine for the people)

For example – if there is an upset within our Digestive System, you look can look at the functions each organ plays and the role of digestion in general – to break down ‘food’ for nourishment and growth. If there is an upset here, you may be having difficulty digesting new ideas, experiences, thoughts or emotions. You may be stuck in old patterns and new growth may be blocked.

This really applies when physical causes can be ruled out – but we are multi dimensional beings, so we always have to address the WHOLE, in a holistic way.


 The practices of Reflexology or Iridology – work on the basis that each sum of a part, contains the whole. So within a hand, foot or ear, or face the parts of the whole are contained, connected through neural and energetic pathways!

Same goes for a cell really.

Each cell contains ALL the information of the WHOLE


Here’s a great link for some symbolic and metaphysical causes of dis-ease and ills


Here’s a link for animal totems and their symbolic meanings


So yesterday on 3.3.2015 I celebrated my 33 year around the Sun on this Beautiful Earth ❤

This year the gifts I received were full of animal teachers. A book on Animal Spirit guides and then many other gifts with birds, foxes, butterflies, whale and more. Which is funny because I have been pondering on my own ‘inner’ totem. Within each Chakra (energy center) lives an animal totem that teaches us about how we process our world and how we can best apply the energy there!

A splendid synchronicity ❤

The number 33 in numerology represents the humanitarian. It’s energy is understanding and knowledgeable, a mover and a shaker. 33 represents the beginning of inspired love that is sacrificed and the commitment to the wellbeing of the community. The number 33 is a path that leaves behind personal ambitions and devotes itself to serving others, making changes on a social level & to resolve conflicts. 33 is clairvoyant and carries the gift of vision!


I find this of great resonance with my Solar Return for the year and see many connections.

I will forever be in awe and amazement of the messages and connections everywhere. I live for it actually.

You could say I definitely have Hawk and Spider totem helpers 🙂

Hawk being a messenger and recognizing messages


Spider being the weaver of the web of life and all its connections as well as the weaver of the alphabet and the written word.

hee hee


So those are the things I’ve really been reflecting on lately, not for the first time, but the first time put into written word!


in beauty

Sabrina Wolf Moon


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are eternity and your are the mirror.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 – 1931)


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