Embracing the Unknown >:<

Mother Mycelium

>:< Mother Mycelium >:<


The whispers of Winter are slowly fading

the light increases

reaching through the cracks

illuminating the shadows of Winter’s slumber

the forests are stirring

with new life underneath the surface

transformation is on the horizon

You can FEEL it

but you cannot SEE it

and so, these are the seasons and passages

of Life

from the seed who cracks open and finds its way out of her

warm – dark – cozy womb

breaking out and reaching up to a whole new way of being


the caterpillar who transforms in its cocoon

emerging as something unfathomable and brand new

like never before


like the Woman who is giving birth

standing at the edge of an abyss

never to return back to who she was

but emerging as a brand new creature with her babe

the Path of awareness takes us through our own Wilderness

our own personal journey of Returning and Becoming!

the darkness and the light

eternally dancing

as Above so Below


I feel like that creature right now,  unknowing of what lies before me.

I feel a vortex of energy just bubbling inside me

but with no real direction and nowhere to put it.

My mind is flooded with visions and dreams

ideas I cannot implement in this moment.

All I can do, is find ground – BE – grounded.

So the vortex doesn’t send me flying.

I call myself back – reminding myself – to put one foot infront of the other!

My power lies in this moment

Energy follows thought.




or get lost in the eddy’s

carried down stream

Through my feet


find ground.

I need my roots to nourish my being

here in the Earthly plane, the one where my body’s wisdom dwells.

Why is it so hard sometimes?

To stay present.

To embody and embrace what IS?

Transformation is a dynamic fire

it burns up everything in its inferno

and not until the last ashes fall to the ground

will we SEE the new growth begin.

I feel a new cycle beginning within me

the internal Spring and external Spring

are synced.

Outer change and inner change are anchoring deep within me.

I don’t know where I am heading

I can’t see what is coming.

All I can do is trust in this moment.

All I can do is to

Embrace the unknown


Sabrina Wolf Moon


(( Random ramblings to shake the energies loose ))


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