11 Teachings of Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice >>:<<

mother earth

artist unknown


These are my own teachings – through self-reflection – when I need to slow my mind & remember to breathe – raise myself up & carry on learning, growing and evolving as a Mother


  1. Self awareness – my children always reflect to me where my attention is needed within myself. I acknowledge the spaces that require my nurturing care and loving attention.
  2. Selflessness – is a teaching of motherhood, as I learn the art of caring for myself in a way that allows me to care for my children unconditionally, making meeting their needs a priority on their path to growing into centered & responsible human beings.
  3. Letting Go – I am continually reminded to keep letting go of expectations and attachments to how things should BE and accept myself and circumstances in this moment. I let go of who I want my children to BE and nurture the gift of who they truly are.
  4. Time management – I learn the value of time and using it wisely to direct the flow of my day. Everything gets done, one day at a time – one step at a time.
  5. Organization – I learn to organize and weed the essentials from the non-essentials. It is a continual practice of give and take, to receive and let go. Whether that be clothing, toys, thoughts or ideas.
  6. Surrender – Motherhood is the ultimate teacher of surrender. First in birth and then in nurturing that baby into adulthood. I learn to embrace the moment and go with the flow. I learn to surrender to the challenges that motherhood brings. I remember that nothing lasts forever and even if I feel overwhelmed one day that too shall pass.
  7. Self –importance – I learn that I can’t take things personal as a mother and that not everything is about me. The teaching is in remaining neutral as my children grow through their emotional weather. The teaching is in not being pulled into the storm. BUT sometimes I still get drenched!
  8. Patience – there is no better time to embrace patience than motherhood. It truly is a virtue and crucial for survival.
  9. Kindness – without this teaching and healthy dose of self kindness, it would be impossible to make it through my mothering career. Sometimes we make mistakes, react in anger and hurt our children. It is important to remember we TOO are human and make mistakes. As we raise our children we are also raising ourselves, and learn to be parents.
  10. Humour – have a good laugh at yourself sometimes! It really lightens the load.
  11. Love – the ultimate glue that binds all creation! It is the stuff that breaks our hearts wide open and allows us to grow spiritually, individually and authentically. Love is the spirit that guides our choices when we come from the heart and not the head. Love is always there as long as we practice mindfulness and presence. Be here NOW.




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