>>: the wilderness :<<

Just a re-share ❤ Wild ones

Nurturing Our Wildness

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
=:= John Muir =:=

Within us lives a wilderness

a sacred fire

that fire is our spirit

spirit never dies

it may be reduced to embers but never extinguished

this is how our ancestors have kept alive the sacred teachings

the wildcrafts & the wise ways

may we feed that fire in a good way as we find our way back

to a life connected fully to the web of nature

recognizing fully that we are indeed strands in the web but not the web itself

may we give birth to new ways : our children & ourselves with full awareness

remembering that all that challenges us are ~ rights of passage and rightfully ours

may we honour them for the gifts they carry……..

namaste : in La’kech : all my relations

 fire fairies

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