Surrendering to the Divine feminine >>:<<

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With each Full Moon, there is an illumination regarding a habitual tendency, emotional reaction or something you are unaware of that becomes illuminated. The attention is on the emotional level and subconscious. During a Full Moon phase it is time to honor your emotional level rather than fight it, fear it or ignore it. Be present to your own emotions and needs. There are beautiful blessings in store.

In light of another Full Moon coming into bloom tomorrow what is it, you feel beneath the surface?

what is seeking illumination in your life?

is there a feeling of discontent?




lack of love for self?

what triggers you?

this is shadow work I know very well & these are things I am constantly being confronted with.

Feelings are intense and can lift us off our feet and we loose ground. overwhelmed – we are picked up by the storm – with no roots to ground us.

This Full Moon in Taurus may well be a good start to growing those strong ROOTS so we can weather all emotional storms as we touch on the most wounded aspects of ourselves on our path to wholeness and healing. Surrender to the divine flow seems to be the most humble and gentle plan of action.

If you look around you can see the bloody knuckles, scraped knees and noticeable limps of those around you who may not have taken Saturn’s ‘suggestions’ to put responsibility, discipline and mature patience into play and consequently had to learn through the more bitter tasting medicine of frustration, limitation and lack. Now, seeing as Scorpio’s realm is power, sexuality, death and transformation as well as the shamanic and shadow worlds, we are experiencing just how fundamental the surrender (a most feminine action) to the Divine is for our survival. It appears that those who are suffering the most are those who have lost their relationship to Spirit and this is precisely why the relationship to materiality is rapidly losing juiciness.

Attachment (Taurus) and letting go, i.e. death (Scorpio) are big themes highlighted at this Moon. Look deeply and closely at anything diminishing your self worth and address the issues underlying your lack of intimacy, inability to show up in all your radiance, or buried beliefs in scarcity.

Self worth has been a major theme in my personal life. I can see the beauty and gifts in other people so clearly. I fall in love with the ‘other’ easily. When it comes to my own ‘self love’ I struggle. I have to really dig to acknowledge my own beauty and my own gifts. Some days it comes more easily than others. It is a work in progress for me and my biggest shadow lies in comparison to others. There is much I want to offer and share and I realize I have been accumulating experiences in order to be of service in some valuable way, which is probably why the energies are tugging at me profoundly. Transformation isn’t easy.

I am weeding and cultivating the things I value – so the precious seeds i nurture may grow into bountiful and nourishing substances.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo is making wide aspects to the Full Moon in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio as well as Saturn in Scorpio. This symbolism suggests certain lessons and need for practical changes issues around love, self-love, self-worth, values and trust which may appear magnified. You may notice it being a “lack or limited” experience that requires your choice and willingness to shift into acceptance for growth and healing to take place. It is time to integrate in what you say you believe in, deepen faith or put into application what you have read as a concept to see if it is of value in your life and situation now.

Many may feel this energy as possible overwhelm, exhaustion and even a weariness. This indicates a need to rest and recoup rather than take on more than you need to. For example, be around people who inspire you to grow, heal and expand love rather than engaging with high intensity melo-drama people. One will help you feel uplifted while the other may drain your energy and pull you into the symbolic abyss with them.


I have to continue reminding myself to stay in the divine flow.  That ALL things are born in their perfect time and to stay rooted and grounded.

I allow myself to just BE and remember that when the time is ripe the things I envision will be born. Pushing myself will only cause suffering and you just can’t rush art! Not when you pay attention to all the ‘little’ details.

It is helpful to do things in moderation during this Full Moon in Taurus even if the desires pull you into excess or over the top. Slow down and ask yourself what is…. moderation?


in times like these where I feel a million things tugging at my mind – things that want to be – things that want to do – and I feel a whirlwind of thoughts whirling my head for a spin, I have to take time to just slow down, and do something that ensure I find that calm to get centered again. Sometimes I write things in my journal just to get the ideas our of my head or I go and draw/paint for some creative relief. Sometimes just watching my children BE is good medicine for me. Getting out in nature is always a good cure for that mental anxiety. Natures flow always helps me to slow down.

Taurus Full Moon invites us to sit in a forest, by a stream, next to a tree or on a cushion and discover our solid ground again. What do we stand on? What do we stand for? Can we allow our true values to support us when the wind, and our hot emotions, blows?


In our ‘doing’ achieving world its good to find time to breathe, sit in the stillness of we are and connect to the full flowing nature of our being. OUR true authentic selves, without all the masks we tend to wear around others.


Happy Full Moon )O(

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