>>: Kindred : Creation :<<

After a long gestation and labour process I am finally done a piece of art I was honoured to create – as a logo for a kindred sister I met through FB.

Yes. FB. although often dismissed as a time sucker and covert spying network IT really does have some pro’s to the con’s…ha ha.

Brandi Mata Johnson is a photographer & beautiful artist >>:<<

She captures the essence and beauty of mother’s in bloom while pregnant, nursing or with their families. truly. KINDRED. works.

I loved her style when I first became friends with her. She captures a glow. A warmth. An essence. With her vintage style & bohemian spirit!

I guess she loved my work as much as I love hers hee hee….

And so it is, that Kindred’s meet in many ways. Even though we live in other countries the beauty is – the nature of spirit and the invisible threads that bind us.

We don’t have to share physical space to connect anymore. The ether’s stir and like magnets we attract.  And the internet has made this leap even more possible. And so it is, that is this is my first paid commission piece I have EVER done & I got to create it and bring it into this world for this lovely young mother, woman, and artist.




I am SO honoured – beyond words –  that Brandi  chose ME to create this special representation for her business “Kindred Photographer”. It means SO much to me for her to place all her trust in me to create a vision that honours her work and captures her spirit. She does such beautiful photography of mother’s and their babies. 

This painting >>LOGO-<< is thus named KINDRED. Please check out her work.

)O( Thank YOU Brandi! Soulful hugs.



I would love to do more art work like this – for a specific person, purpose, business, or cause. I’m just painstakingly S>L>O>W. The side effect of Mother hood for me I suppose lol…. But if you ARE interested in a commissioned piece. Give me a shout ❤


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