◐ FALL EQUINOX ◐ Releasing the season of light & Embracing the season of darkness )O(



And we are here…….

Standing at the threshold once again. Of equal light & dark.

From this point on however, we step deeper and deeper into the darkness of coming Winter. A time of introspection, gestation & healing.

Fall Equinox marks the halfway point in the yearly cycle of the Sun’s light on Earth – day and night are equal, and then darkness takes ascendance as we head into winter. At this gate of power in the wheel of the year, the Libra Sun invites you to pause, reflect and recalibrate your inner scales. What did you start at Spring Equinox on March 20? What are you harvesting and what needs to be weeded out? How can you create more balance, peace, beauty and harmony? – Virgo Magic

This cycle isn’t anything new. Each year, each moment we are asked to weed the things we no longer need. The cycle of life-death-rebirth are a continuation – an infinite process. Just as your body also, sheds the old, cells die, cells are reborn….. This process gets easier, more comfortable and even more fulfilling when we become aware of its existence and go with it. Flow with it . Embrace the process instead of putting up a good fight!

Good fight for what, anyways?

To fool yourself into being happy or positive?

No way. shit wants to be addressed! and so it will be.

We have to drop the duality of only seeing positive and negative. good or bad. keep flowing. be whole.

It is interesting to note the astrological signficicances at hand however. As above so below.

We are urged on,  by unseen forces deep beneath the psyche’s sense of awareness, to keep growing. To grow in FEELING. Feel more. Feel.

We don’t have to be at the whim of these energetic forces though. Not if we know their influence in our lives. Once we know their presence we can utilize the natural forces to our advantage of raising our consciousness, acknowledging our wounds and doing our shadow work. To keep releasing and shedding the past & honour the teaching born from there. lessons learned. Being honest with ourselves. Seeing in>>to the dark corners.

Like weather that comes rolling in, all around me I’ve witnessed those in my life directly and those from a distance, the powerful undercurrents of change at hand, blowing through their lives. Letting go of a an old path because it is not in resonance with their heart’s longing. Realizing it is time to stop living someone else’s dream and live one’s own. Letting go. Ahhh!

Have you ever seen a Tree being riddled with anxiety because it is that time again…you know….when you have to shed your leaves? No.

The tree dwells in a place connected with the natural process. It knows. Its all part of the cycle. Nothing stays the same forever. So.

That being said. Change is always inevitable. NO-thing can stay the same. Without growth life diminishes. Fades away. Clinging to keep things as they are only causes great pain and suffering. We are not meant to stay in a state of inertia. We must keep flowing.

This force, inside us, NOW,  is saying “you can’ keep a lid on this, anymore!!!”

No more stuffing, or hiding, or withdrawing.

its time to face the music…tra la la…

And those who have been avoiding this work will ~feel~ it in full force…an overwhelming stampede of a shit storm bubbling up within! Exciting huh! lol

Fortunately for those who’ve been doing their work for some time this ‘push’ is a bit less severe – but still present. There is much healing work to do.

individually – collectively. The layers are infinite and the process on-going….

This could well be the influence of dear old Pluto – god of the underworld….Mmmm….

Pluto, God of the Underworld, is the ruler of Scorpio. (In Greek mythology, the corresponding god was Hades). In Astrology, the energies of Pluto are transforming. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “below the surface”.

On the up side, Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Negative expression of Pluto is an obsessive desire for power and control and general destructiveness. – Café astrology


Pluto’s station – standing still before (appearing to) reverse directions and move forward –amplifies the Equinoxy feeling of heading into the dark, and the need to pause and check in with your soul. Pluto has been Retrograde since April 14, a time when transformational energies were working behind the scenes and beneath the surface, inaccessible to the conscious mind. Now, at Pluto’s direct turn, those processes rise into awareness, and you can see more clearly what changes want to happen in your outer reality. What elements of your life are out of integrity with your soul’s purpose?


Ultimately, Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) is about doing the work of transforming fear into power. As Pluto stations – and we’ve been feeling it for at least the past week – our deepest darkest fears get stirred up. Instead of obsessing over the story, Pluto wants us to look beneath the “content” and focus on the “process” – i.e., work with the feelings themselves. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, the sign of fixed water, and the work is to bring some flow to emotions (water) that have become stuck or frozen (fixed). – Virgo Magic


The major theme that kept repeating itself in so many different manifestations really focused on this process. The wildfires burning near me where I live was a great symbolic occurrence of what is needed. The renewal that comes through an inner fire  (or outer..) after destruction. This is a  process of letting go and death. Of honouring a great power that can heal or destroy.

The fear of death or misunderstanding of death and darkness, creates great discomfort, and we are taught to move on out of discomfort as quickly as possible. Always a distraction or diversion or solution instantly.POOOF!  We self medicate ourselves to avoid the ‘feelings’. How we medicate ourselves takes on many disguises…lol  Maybe that’s just how I am beginning to see. In myself and as I observe the world around me.

I always like to remind myself that darkness itself in not evil or even negative itself.

Darkness is the Great Void.

The Great Mystery. Where all things are birthed from.

The Void is beautiful and powerful place of infinite potential.

The place where Magic lives. The place that orchestrates the perfect biological harmonies ~ the sacred dance that creates life ~ a future child to be.

If anything, it is the shadow of your own being that is to be feared. How it plays with the deepest insecurities lingering in your mind. It is said that every thought is born and becomes its own being. When these thoughts take on a life of their own they also become fed with repeated thoughts of like vibration. Avoiding the things that make us uncomfortable, the things we dislike or despise about ourselves and others become our shadow. All things suppressed and ignored. All the thing we delegate blame outside of ourselves or any situation, to avoid the ‘feeling’. All the things we hate. The gut wrenching feeling of discomfort and death. The feeling of needed transformation coming up against a dam. The armour. The amour we have carried around to protect ourselves from hurt. The more we avoid it and unconsciously feed it, the more havoc it wreaks in our lives. Whether we see it as being our own projections depends on whether we are ready to transform ‘fear into power’.

Symbolically we can reflect on the fact that both the light and the darkness are a continual part of our experience. And as much as we try to always find ourselves at this equipoise point, it is a natural part of life to dance within the spectrum.
Light and Dark, Life and Death, these are natural states in the continuum of all of Life. We cannot disconnect one from the other, and we can not deny that both are part of the whole of experience. We must see the beauty in both, the beauty in pain, the beauty in the struggle, the beauty in darkness of the night as well as the beauty in the light of day and the birth of the new emerging. – MM

It’s intense. But it won’t go away. Not until we soften up – drop the armour – and become comfortable feeling things on so many levels. Becoming hyper-sensitive and training the intuitive senses to understand the ‘feeling’s’. Learning to own your OWN feelings and knowing when another’s is projected onto to you. Our feelings are a great barometer of where our mind is flowing and whether it is rooted in LOVE and centered in the heart. Heart centered feeling is clearly guided.

I hope as we sift through all the rubble of our life stories – it is love that ends up guiding the way. In difficult situations. Through all the challenges that life throws us. Through all the paths we walk down and stand upon.




To walk in beauty. To walk in balance.

To hold compassion and be nurturing to others and for yourself. To see the beauty in sadness and power in pain and to embrace it all. It is through our opposite reflections we learn to honour and appreciate. To be compassionate human BEINGS. To LOVE yourself like you want another to love you. We will never feel belonging and acceptance, truly, and  deeply until we feel those things for ourselves.

Be greaful for all the lessons. Even when shit really sucks! That’s when its the most important. Ha.ha. This is your future wisdom.

It’s always good to be humble and remember. YOUR spirituality is YOURS. It is about your connection to life’s great unfolding.

You can look the part all you want. That is easy. But you have to FEEL the part. Be the part.

To Walk the Ceremony everyday – and that ceremony is all about the natural and changing cycles – the seasons of Life, we all go through.


And remember to lighten up and have FUN. enjoy the ride. We spend too much time being down on ourselves. Give yourself a hug.

SO on this 2014 Fall Equinox I wish you all the best in allowing your unfolding

I will leave you with some Kaypacha who touches on the Equinox energies and New Moon tomorrow






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