=:= A Wildfire dances close to Home & the Teachings of Fire =:=

china nose fire

-:- View from my deck as the fire picks up! -:-

-:- Is it really a surprise our ancestors regarded the elements as ‘gods’. Supernatural forces of nature. Incredibly powerful. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Everything can change in a blink of an eye with one of these incredible forces at the helm. and yet. They are so very interdependent on one another. No life would be without the balance of these forces.

Fire is the great equalizer

fire brings renewal and rebirth to the Land


I witnessed in awe

a fire that sparked a Mountain

lit it up like a candle

roared down the hills and through the valley


at night the fire danced

with every gust of wind I saw the flames shooting up.

a blazing inferno. the Grandmother’s fed the fire.


the mystery of fire

unpredictable and wild


a fire serpant

devouring the forest

but the forest needs to burn….

from time to time

to bring back life to the Land.


Life – Death- Rebirth

the cycles of Nature’s Sacred Circle


I couldn’t believe i suddenly found myself in a situation where my family needed to be ready. be ready?

We were put on ‘evacuation alert’ the day after the fire jumped over the Mountain where the fire started, by lightening.

We watched the fire grow and grow. At night, the flames danced. Each breath of wind brought on a new dance. The fire danced down the mountain that night. The fire grew from a few hundred hectares to over a thousand in just one day.





-:- Helicopter dropping water -:-


Before this point no action was taken to put out the fire. BUT. now. As the winds shifted and nurtured the fire a slow panic ensued. That night I went outside. I listened.



china nose

I listened to the Wind. I listened to wildlife of ducks & birds on Rose Lake. They were still here. Not fleeing.

That gave me comfort. They would KNOW.

I offered tobacco to the 4 sacred directions >>:<< I asked for clarity and guidance as well as protection for all involved. I asked the Grandmother’s, bringers of the wind, who sit in the North to be kind and gentle in this cleansing process. I asked for the wind to blow from their direction as the fire would then shift away from people and would not threaten our village (25km away). With a strong enough wind fires moves FAST. I didn’t want to kill the fire ~ it needed to burn ~ but I wanted it to burn away from the homesteads and farms.


That night, the wind grew calm. I was so thankful. It felt peaceful & I was sure everything would be just fine.


That morning I was awoken early as my partners sister arrived letting us know they were ‘Evacuating’ everyone in our area and had shut down the highway!!!


Everything had felt so calm the night before. What was this panic all about?

It was very smoky that day. NO winds at this point, so all the smoke just sat in the valley.


I packed clothes for us all and some food and prepared to leave my home. We went to a little ‘off grid’ cabin my partner’s parents owned that enabled us to travel a back road to get to our house if we felt we really  needed to go and gather as much of our belongings as possible. I stayed the night there – disconnected from all media and interaction with the ‘outside world’ ha!

My partner went home that night, despite the evacuation order to watch the fire so he would know for himself what was happening. They were expecting a cold front to move in with winds up to 20-30km. He did some research looking at a map and weather and noticed even if the cold front came, it looked like the winds would be blowing north – north east, which wouldn’t endanger us near the highway nor town. The wind would have to blow from the South or from the West to endanger us and the ridge it may take to town.

I think the powers that be, were taking a very over-cautious stance on this one. We have had wildfires grow out of control here before!


My quietest voice within told me we would be safe. But there were many voices! I felt the panic all around me. Was it just my panic? Or was I sensing the collective panic around me? Many scenarios played in my mind. None of them felt real though! just fearful.


Through all the layers of thought, though

I would continually come back to one thing, over & over again.

That nature never fails to amaze me in how she mirrors lessons & teachings.

That when we are still enough and observe the cycles of life- death and the seasons it reveals great wisdom that could really benefit our journey’s and our many transitions in life.

The cycle is always the same >>>Life>>>Death>>>New Life force/Rebirth>>>

it also brought this quote to mind ” “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” Buddha )O(

and its SO true.


Once we realize this cycle, we see many deaths in our life.  In our personal growth and in our relationships we are continually redefining and rebirthing ourselves, and for that to happen something has to die! That is the process of growth and nature mirrors it well. It is uncomfortable when we enter this space so we try to resist it. That resistance consumes a great deal of our life force though. We don’t want the ‘honeymoon’ phases of our lives to end….ever. BUT it HAS to! so there can be more.


Every fall the harvest and death come for the leaves and flowers. Seeds like thoughts begin to grow. Winter brings death to the plants foliage as the roots and seeds turn inward to sustain themselves in a regenerative sleep. Springs brings rebirth and summer brings growth. These are cycles. >>Within and Without<<


Whether we as conditioned humans – removed from natural law resist or embrace the inevitable cycles that circle our life, is up to our awareness to notice them and let go.


The awareness of the existence of this natural law and the path of a walking ceremony. To me, that is what ceremony is anyways. A reminder of our divinity. That we are Spiritual beings navigating through a human experience. That ceremony is observing a life full of meaning and purpose & taking direction from the guidance ‘within’ and the guidance mirrored ‘without’.


Ceremony then isn’t only reserved for lodges, rituals, and cycles.


It doesn’t have to be clothed in ritualistic objects like smudge or chants or incense. These are tools of beauty and intention! They give the ceremony Roots and focus. But ceremony is also done in the Mind. It can be ‘bear’ naked. A ceremony in the sacred hoop within. The heart and mind.

for instance…

like when we go through our own personal growth through letting go.

Letting go of old habits – patterns – should have’s – should do’s – wish it were so’s – destructive attitudes – and on and on and on…………………

The fire is part of this DEATH cycle and through it abundant new growth follows. The ash renews the soil and new plant growth will thrive. Through us, this manifest as new opportunities, renewed creativity, new zest for life, and a new direction and focus in life. We feel lighter when we shed parts of ourselves in a loving way that bear no fruit.


on that note….

Mushroom picking should be a good year around China Nose Mountain next year. hee hee! and plenty of fireweed which is a great ‘little’ medicine. The bees’s love it too.


So this is what has been consuming my life for the last couple of weeks & now I sit and reflect on the intensity of the experience and what there was to learn. Integration is a hugely important step to any lesson and teaching. Once we integrate it the experience ripens in wisdom. Funny enough, the day we were allowed home I woke up with an intense headache as well as body aches & a mild fever! as within as without. I was slightly ‘on fire’ within 😛 ha. ha.


Thanks to all those who kept my community and the Land I dwell on in their thoughts & prayers. I am not afraid of the word prayer anymore. It used to make me uncomfortable because the religious roots and conditioned belief structure attached to this ‘word’. BUT. now. its just a word for an act of focused intention and thought for me. Prayer would be a lot more beneficial when we use to ask less for things and are thankful for what is.

The fire is still burning ~ but cooler weather and some rain have slowed it down……. _/\_


I love this Land. it is my HOME. ❤ May we all walk in beauty =:=


here is a tiny bit of footage I caught the day before we were evacuated as the fire was on the move. Lots of smoke! and I got one of the many many helicopters that have been flying around lately!





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