:::Negativity & Language:::

The past few days I’ve been randomly contemplating on some things….

My awareness was brought back to the realization of our use of language to make a point or statement when I brought home a “United Against Enbridge” sign that I elegantly have nailed to my hydro poll at the beginning of my driveway!


Me and my partner began some dialogue around this after his boss came to pick him up one day, getting things organized and ready for work. He works in the bush – running a processor (which processes the already logged trees).

He used to be a hand faller and selectively logged with his dad for years, but the drop in lumber prices made it impossible for the little guys to make a living. This is why we now only have big logging companies around who virtually all ‘clear-cut’ because its easier to do this way for machines and quicker to make money.

He doesn’t like his job. Hardly at all. But he has to provide for his family and has struggled immensely with this. There are too many things wrong with our way of living & I won’t get into how upside down and ridiculous it all IS right now, but this is the only way he can be home every night and we can remain a single family income for a family of 6 and I can be home raising our children!


my point was his boss a had a chuckle at our sign, him being an owner of a big logging company and all —  because when you oppose a big oil company people want to point out to you, well….. you still drive and all!! etc etc.

So my partner just said, its not so much I’m ‘against’ Enbridge as I’m am opposed to selling off all our own natural resources for cheap so another country can make products to sell back to us! Pretty logical answer lol.  The boss and the other employee had an ‘aha!’ kind of moment, reflecting on the truth of this even in the logging aspect and how it has changed so much.

This really got me thinking of so many things that go along with this and how interconnected it all is.

What we need to ALL be united for is:

*focusing on sustainable and renewable resources as well as a balanced approach to MANAGING our precious natural resources – without major profit margins as the key motivators that means — getting back to making things that LAST – not – break down so they must be replaced again and again……

*ensuring and protecting our clean water from over logging, mining, oil spills, and fracking – so we can still have clean drinking water and fish to eat (‘we’ also includes all creatures of the Earth, not just humans!)

*demanding alternative sources of energy to be utilized! they exist – but are suppressed- Yes – Hello!

*demanding & supporting more local food production to cut down on shipping costs and demands for gas & oil – we need to reconnect to our food supply and get back into micro-farming!

The key phrases here are on focusing on the ‘want’. The desired ‘positive’ outcome rather then reinforcing the negative.

The heart of the matter that naturally UNITES us all.


Standing against Enbridge is only part of the smaller picture, its not taking the bigger picture into consideration.

If Enbridge goes away, a new company will take its place……or a new method trying to coerce people into believing how much safer “this one is” or how good this will be for THEM, you know ….the, “economy”. That false God everyone hails too.


We can’t focus on a ‘symptom’ of a problem without seeing how interconnected everything is. One part is connected to many but we have to get to the ROOT of the problem, not get lost in trying to fix a symptom. Enbridge is only one part of it what we need to address is our true ‘needs’ and what kind of future we want to create. Enbridge is a symptom. A symptom of a society lost in feeling ‘lack’.

Yep. We create it. Together.

This is really seeming like and old materialistic mentality that needs to be placed to rest. It began with our grandparents generation, maybe even the one before that. The Industrial revolution was the caboose that got the momentum going into —  “Materialism” —  a false identity to power and security. We have to pay more attention and it sure would have been nice if those previous generations would have kept that respect alive when they began using more innovative technologies to make life easier……………………….

………..and things did get better and easier, at least for awhile, with running water and better sanitation and then another thing was birthed out of those conveniences. MATERIALSIM.  We started to become slaves to the things we wanted to a point where in our generation, engenineers now get paid to design things that will break after a certain time, rather than designed to be built to last, as was the intention intitially! WTF!!!

Take the lake I live near for instance. Rose lake is a beautiful little spot, not only is it a little lake, but actually the headwaters for the Fraser River watershed. I actually live near 2 major watersheds, one that flows into the Fraser River and one that becomes the Bulkley and then the Skeena River. That is very powerful! (and they want to put a pipeline through here!!!!!!!!!).

However, this beautiful little lake is now more of a pond after years and years of dumping septic waste into it and years of cow manure making its way into the water, because no one realized or thought it may become a problem — later — sometime. You know…that far-away place you might never need to worry about. smirk*

It’s overtaken by leeches now and not many fish thrive in there anymore. The older generations recall swimming in the lake without many leeches. I’m SO jealous. I would love to live near a lake I could swim in. But no one THEN figured it would be a problem…..

and this is how the world works….

respond ONLY when the problem DOES arrive?!?! GAH. Foresight would be a nice state of consciousness to exercise, wouldn’t it?

I could make many examples of this from logging to food supply to giving birth to our children and how we raise them. So many problems could be avoided if we took the time to sit and reflect and learn.


how each step shapes and paves the way )O(

A wholistic model of life is what we need to apply to all things but every little thing is also unique to how it will respond to the changes. We cannot make everyone the ‘same’

although – that would make a planet of people much easier to control…ha.

When we heal ourselves, we will begin healing the Earth and caring for her in more nurturing ways. We wouldn’t take unhealthy risks for false power like we do now. We wouldn’t fall for the predators masquerading around as public servants.

So, language!

Language is a powerful tool. We should become more aware of how we sculpt our realities with the use of words we use, for our ‘spell-ing’ craft.

I listened to a great internet radio show years and years ago called RadiOrbit. Mike, the host, had a great guest come on, her name was Star Newland. I enjoyed listening to Star. She came on a few times, to talk about her dolphin projects in Hawaii, natural birthing, and Word sculpting! I was sad when i heard Star passed away a couple of years ago, but her wisdom will remain  with me. She had a gentle presence. Her words were kind and powerful.

She spoke of things like how all the ‘not’ words literally tie up our energy in knots! how the universe does NOT hear NOT lol in your thinking. She was a huge advocate for domestic harmony! So rather than creating an organization that focuses ‘against domestic violence’ she would re-sculpt the energy of it by being for ‘domestic peace- or domestic harmony’. Much nicer focus in my humble opinion.

So, wouldn’t it be amazing to focus on things we want to stand together for…that unite is in a good way?

Sure we can be opposed to things and see the negative, but it shouldn’t be our focus. Maybe our fuel to create change!

Anger can be a great catalyst of change if channeled appropriately, but our focus should lean towards positive progress and solutions. To put the energy into what we want to fight FOR not AGAINST.

I want us to :>>UNITE<<::

for a healthy Earth held in an awareness that we ARE a living part of the greater whole!

What we do to the planet we do to ourselves – and what we do to ourselves we do the planet!

We need only simple and basic things to survive – clean water – food and air!

We need a shift from surviving to thriving and we need to reclaim our personal power and heal from our victim consciousness that bleeds that power away and throws it into the hands of oppressors.

We need to take the time to be authentic – to know ourselves so we can feed our Spirits to thrive!

We need to drop that ball and chain that traps us in these illusions – dictatating to us what life is all about.

We are the people of the prophecies

We are the people we’ve been waiting for

No one else will rescue us – rescue yourselves from your mental slavery

it is time to >>Wake Up <<

I find solace in feeling that somehow how all these things will act as catalysts for a shift – a big change – to a much brighter future.

Thank you for listening to my rants. hee hee. & running with Me.












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