)O( Summer Solistice::2014::



Another wheel around the Sun – back to the high point in our northern hemisphere!

The light – at its most powerful and then beginning its journey, slowly waning back to darkness.

What has surfaced thus far – what has been illuminated since the Winter Solstice – the darkest point?

What are you willing to let go? what are you willing to move forward with?

So many questions – so many subtle answers that live within you. Are you listening?

There has been some heavy purging going on reflected by some of the astral alignments lately. I know I have been feeling it – it’s been a shit kicker alright! – and have observed the storm cleansing the landscape of those around me.

In my inner circle and those in my outer.

Its intense.

Its uncomfortable – but its worth in the long haul.



Finding balance & stable ground can be a challenge when the winds of change blow you around

where is your center?

Your rock?

What is your foundation?

Remember that only the non-essential can fall away.

Truth will always remain.

Only the illusions will die and break away.

There is a rebirthing process going on – and like birth – if there is resistance to the powerful feelings that come with it – the more discomfort and more pain.




=:= Stand Strong =:=

the Earth will hold you

Embrace what comes

Surrender to the tumultuous ocean within

This power will not destroy YOU

it is YOU

The recent Mercury in Cancer Retrograde has rocked the home front of all things that need emotional re-defining!

All the “re” words apply: retreat, regenerate, reflect, reconsider, review… Mercury stations Retrograde on June 7 (until July 1) in comfort-seeking Cancer, drawing us into the innermost realm of deep feelings, and asking us to rethink what truly nurtures, supports and sustains us. Home, family, root system and foundation are all up for review, renewal and reconnection during this Retrograde.


“…The coming retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us how to get past internal arguments between past realities and current necessities, and give us one look back so we can get clear about how to shape our social expression with skill and beauty to reveal to others our internal values. We can see what we needed to learn relative to recent critical decisions, and how to take a look back on different methods and possibilities.
We can get new insights into old feelings, habits, lifestyles, family issues, and prior crabbiness in self and others. Some will get flashes into old neediness that created defensiveness or a split in our personality that have been creating confusion or cross currents in this life.




-:- False Solomon’s Seal – Use it to help you get through hard times and to rebuild after your world has come crashing down! )O(


To join the cosmic dance of all things redefining & rebirthing comes Chiron (in Pisces) – the wounded healer

to assist us in our healing

despite the discomfort and wanting to hide in a cave this may bring with it!

Ride into the Storm – Your horse (spirit) can carry you through…..


flow with it

or you may be bucked off and fall


Chiron Retro in Pisces stirs up the pain of feeling separate from Source, which can show up in the form of helplessness, hopelessness, addiction, escapism and/or denial. Where do you feel like a victim? Where do you want to check out and go unconscious? Where have you lost your trust? Where do you need to grieve?

Chiron’s trine with Saturn in Scorpio, strong at the Solstice and in effect all month, suggests the potential for dissolving wounds and softening defenses through the Piscean strategies of compassion, surrender, and unconditional love and acceptance. How can you bring more love to the denied, shadowy, painful parts of yourself?

Retrograde Mercury, now in late Gemini, closely conjoins the Solstice Sun (at 0 Cancer), emphasizing the Retro theme of resolving and releasing the past, and doing the inner work to prepare for outer expansion. The first half of 2014 has been characterized by LOTS of Retro energy, so at Summer Solstice – typically a time of creative fruition – what’s coming to light may be more on the inner, a culmination of behind-the-scenes preparation. (Southern Hemisphere friends are in the vision-seed-planting deep dark time of Winter Solstice.) Mid-July is when this year really gets rocking, when the cosmic forces are finally ready to support your great leap forward.



Beautiful Solar Arnica – she is a tough warrior! carrying the medicine of a rock. Arnica helps energetically with the healing of deep wounds that can awaken personal power – where we have given it away and where we must RE-trieve it!


take in the power of Arnica at these times! Hold gratitude for these plant helpers, their Spirits.

Arnica also assists us with patterns of imbalance and disconnection of the higher Self.


I went for a much needed Nature walk with my tribe last night, after some deep conversations with my partner, that were both uplifting and uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable because of the old wounds we are still working through.

I took these pictures of the plants, because they were calling me, and how suitable they were.

Thank you for your Medicine =:=

For lending me your Spirit to heal

for us ALL




The reflections are always present

sometimes the reflection is even clearer than the source itself


you can’t change the reflection without changing the Source

We are both the source and the reflection.

ha ha.


So with that paradox

I wish you a Happy Solstice )O(

whatever your ritual may be

I wish you well….


here are some lovely suggestions of fun solstice rituals from Mystic Mama!

Hand to Heart



Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my Sacred Space and love beyond my fear, and thus Walk in Balance with the passing of each glorious Sun.
>>: Lakota Prayer:<<



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