-:- A fight for Life – standing together -:-

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
~ Cree Prophecy

The Enbridge Gateway Pipeline supposedly has been approved! Not that it ever was a real question that it would not. The powers that be have made their deals long ago. Due diligence is the only thing being upheld. It is another push for people of all nations to come together. What are our priorities? What is essential? What must be protected?! Fossil fuels and oil aren’t the problem in my opinion. Like all things, in life, there is the path of extremes. Myself not being an all or nothing person I hold a space of balance and honour the middle path.

The old ones used to speak of a giant white snake that would bring terror to the western tribes by spitting black poison over their lands. The snake was said to begin in the hills, travelling toward the ocean in order to quench its thirst; in the battle against the snake, many humans and four-legged ones would die.http://www.lineinthesand.ca/2013/11/pipeline-prophecy-burns-lake-bc/

The problem is OVER-use! Oil is no panacea. It has its place maybe, as a great fuel, but why does it have to be all or nothing? Does everything have to be made from petro-chemicals? Does all our food need to be shipped to and fro when each community could ideally become much more self-sustained?

If we utilized the resources we are each gifted on the Land we live we wouldn’t have to overuse anything! we might be able to share certain resources if we have an overflow, but we wouldn’t have to scatter our own resources so much.

My biggest problem with this pipeline and all the LIFE it will jeopardize. Water! we have to protect it. There will be no life with dirty water. This is our most precious resource. See how long you can live without it!

This pipeline is  ALL geared towards export…




Gah!!!!! how sustainable is that?

Someone else has spoken for this Oil. This will not benefit any of our people here!

So they play on jobs and economy. I’m sorry, but us little guys will never see any benefit from this project. It’s an illusion. A persuader. That is ALL.

This Earth is so beautifully abundant. We have so much variety to draw from. Every corner of the Earth has its natural wealth. Use it. We have the intelligence for this. truly!

But its not about intelligence, is it? it’s about keeping the reigns tight on a control scheme created SO long ago. The wound is deep. Ancient. It’s time to realize what is happening and wake up.

Many legends and prophecies give us insights into our times. How did our ancestors know? They were so connected to higher knowledge so attuned to Spirit. They know all these things must transpire. A bad nightmare pushing us to wake up. To realize our belonging. Our lifeline to the Earth – our Mother.

We are the stewards here. Preserving a heritage to carry on and gift our children’s children. We have to come together on this. All colour of the Medicine Wheel as ONE. Our heartbeats drumming together. We all play a part.

To fight, does not mean to take arms. Please. No more bloodshed. There is another way. If we take arms…..they have bigger guns. We have the numbers, but not the weaponry. I can almost be certain THEY are waiting….waiting for the War. You know, they’d love to unleash fire on us all if given the chance. SO.

Use your energy. Connect to the Great Spirit in all things and the Earth herself. Cherish the clean waters and food. Make better healthier choices. Use your voices. Stand together. It takes great pressure to shake up old patterns. This is the shaker. Don’t loose hope. Everything is happening as it should. There are teachings here. It is the Storm coming to cleanse and bring new life.

“When the Earth is dying, there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds, this tribe shall be called the Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”


Do you know what a rainbow is ??
Yes, a beautiful bow of colors in the sky.
Do you know what a warrior is ??
A warrior is a brave person.
One who has courage instead of being afraid.

Now let me ask you a question.
Do you love animals or hate animals?
Do you love trees or hate trees?
Do you love people or hate people?
Do you love the rainbow or hate the rainbow?

Well, if you love animals and trees, people and
rainbows, then maybe you are a
“Warrior of the Rainbow”


Beautiful song by a local artist =:=


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