::>>A Beautiful Gift<<::

You will receive most when you will expect least
>>:Santosh Kalwar:<<


I received the most beautiful gift completely unexpectedly the other day. A beautiful pregnant soapstone oil light ❤

This might not seem like a big deal , but to me it was.

The receiving end of things doesn’t always come easy to me. I usually feel more comfortable giving. Sometimes wishing i had more to give.

To give more. Do more.  If i had more time. Resources. Good feelings to share.

Because sometimes i just feel  so tired, burnt out, frustrated and saddened by the world view that predominates our lives – that weighs heavily on my heart. As it tries to manipulate and restrict my flow to  live my life the way I wish to live –  more freely. I often find myself wishing it could all just change for the better. Change for the sake of the children coming behind us and the ones already walking with us – and then i realize, it is the way it is for a strange reason. There are many teachings here. I can find a way to live my own authentic truth while staying un-attached to the World as is. There is a way…..the path may be a rough trekk through the wilderness, but it is possible.

I see the big things and forget to see the small things. The unexpected gifts that walk into our worlds that remind us that kindness and love are present. We can give birth to a new paradigm, one person at a time. One random act of kindness at a time. We light up the world with our smiling faces as we carry on, on this journey and the many challenges and experiences that life presents! Every little thing builds on itself creating big changes, sometimes we just can’t see!

The world isn’t all unkind lurking with predators everywhere, looking for easy prey and even the predator is only a wounded soul, desperately trying to  feed their own starving spirits in order to survive. The world can be such a cruel place in coexistence with the most beautiful world. It is an amazing paradox. One that can be difficult to accept at times.

:::We all have to learn to give as much as we receive – and to receive as much as we give:::

The only gift I have to give, is the ability to receive. If giving is a gift, and it surely is, then my gift to you is to allow you to give to me.”
Jarod Kintz,

So today i give thanks for all the unexpected gifts. The big things and the small things. Thank you so much Beate for your kindness. She wanted her creation to have a good home and it will. When i was pregnant with Rowan i was looking for things to create my birth alter in my home…i got in touch with Beate asking her if she had anything for it. She showed me this beautiful carving – but i couldn’t afford it. I had a goddess pendant carved by her i was wearing throughout pregnancy, many ceremonies and finally my birth ceremony and she said it touched her heart that that was one of the first things Rowan saw she wanted to gift me this oil light!


Goddess pendant by Owl’s Well =:=

This link showcases some of Beate’s work and spirit! i hope you love her work as much as i do ❤



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