=:= Choosing Empowerment over Fear =:=

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.

Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one.

Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.



::artist~ Martha Ramirez Oropeza:::


I was recently asked, for the very first time, how my experience was, of having a baby all on my own, without the aid of a medical professional. This was amazing. Someone actually asking me! I almost didn’t know what to say. ha. Of course i wasn’t entirely on my own! My partner was with me, my children were home, and my brother came to stay with us for a few days to help look after his niece & nephews. I spent about half the time i was in labor~land on my own, until i asked my partner to come join me & help set up a few things. I needed to focus… >>>within<<<

So what was my answer?

Well i contemplated it much afterwards….but my initial response focused on the fact that i have a strong dislike for hospitals, unless it is indeed a true emergency or myself or someone i love is dying! I’ve never believed that hospitals are a place where babies should be born. In German hospital is called a “Sick House”. Mmmmmm. I had 2 babies in a hospital. That was enough! The teachings were many from my first 2 births. The foundation of my experience into empowerment.

I avoid the medical model of care like the plague! I honestly don’t believe this system of care is health care, but more like sick care. Yes, it can save lives in an emergency, but for long term care and well being, it is not my path of choice.

Alongside the fact i don’t care much for medicalization of nature’s natural processes, i feel we have become overly dependent on technology, with little understanding of our abilities and bodies, showing great fear so evident in our society’s victimized attitude.

I ask myself….how would the world respond if the Grid went out?

Women would be left to their own devices to give birth. They would have to solely rely on their own instincts and bodies to birth and feed their offspring! There would be no other options, no drugs to numb the experience, no hurrying the natural process. The mind would have to be focused and clear! We would have to trust, that we were made for this.  That birth is a physiological function, we were wired to survive! As long as there isn’t a disturbance in the process and fear stinking up the birth space.

Despite all that, i didn’t choose this ‘free birth’, unattended birth, unassisted birth, only out of true dissent for Society and this System, or even my fear of hospital procedures themselves. Although i am constantly amazed how amazingly birth DOES work, even with SO much interference! NO. My focus this time, was actually much more directed at “Empowering” myself. To give birth confidently & in trust of nature and life, like my foremother’s before me who were more in touch with their primal/ mammalian nature. We share the same needs other mammals of Earth have. Privacy &  Safety. Free of observation.

‘To give birth to her baby, the mother needs privacy. She needs to feel unobserved. When you consider birth as an involuntary process involving old, mammalian structures of the brain, you set aside the assumption that a woman must learn to give birth. It is implicit in the mammalian interpretation that one cannot actively help a woman to give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily. 1

Birth and Breastfeeding, Michel Odent. 

Michel Odent, talks frequently of the mammalian needs in birth. Of our four basic needs, privacy is one of them. Without it, the mother senses danger and this complicates the labor.



I have been relying on my own self-care and that of my little families for the past 10 years or more. I practice a wholistic model of care, always ensuring i keep in mind the >>whole<<. My thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes carry a profound effect on the health of my body, as well as how i directly treat my body with how i nourish it. So for me, this was the next natural step. To take back BIRTH! The most powerful act on EARTH.

I believe, all women were made for this. I am not special. No. The fact is, women have been giving birth on their own, or at home, wherever home is, far longer than we have been allocating its move to hospitals. Birth works! It’s why we are still here! Yes, women have died, babies have died. Death is always lurking. The circumstances in life are what shape the outcomes. Birth is safe when a woman is healthy. Nourishes her body with whole-real- foods. Alleviates her stresses by acknowledging them and responding to her needs and addresses the beliefs carried by her culture. She may seek the help of plant allies to ease discomfort or boost nutrition.



Handing over authority to a “medical” professional, doesn’t guarantee you anything. Mother’s and babies are still dying, even in our Hospitals! Yes, it can be life saving, but all too often, it was the interference in the natural process that caused the complication in the first place. There are very very few TRUE complications to be weary of, and unfortunately death itself isn’t the only malady to be concerned about. The effects that drugs, trauma and interferance can have on the mother’s emotional and psychological well being as well as her newborn’s are profound…..YET, not visible. You may have difficulty bonding, nursing, shows signs of post-partum depression or more accurately, Post traumatic stress disorder.

The effects this level of fear can have on our Spiritual integrity and that of the brand new life that has just entered, is concerning, and clearly evident of a Spiritual Crisis our World is facing. The extreme feelings of dis-connection, loss of empathy for all life, the earth, the hate and violence, and utter discontent within one’s skin are all symptoms of a spiritual dis-ease.

Empowerment has many faces :::

Empowering yourself to take full responsibility for your own health and well being.

Empowering yourself to create your own food sovereignty.

Empowering yourself to reconnect with the Land and it’s abundance of wild foods.

Empowering yourself by knowing how to make fire! so simple, but truly empowering!

Empowering yourself to live more simply. Learning to build. Building your own home………………infinite ways!.

I choose empowerment over Fear because it’s the only way out. Drawing on inner resources is the way OUT.

Taking care of the little things will allow the big things to fall into place. We are part of creation and creators.

In pregnancy and birth i learned about creating a ‘field of birth’ meaning that all my thoughts, feelings and beliefs were creating and shaping the outcome of my birth. Everything i did added to this FIELD.  All the fears i confronted and healed with love, were hurdles i cleared before the time of birth began. And even in birth itself, when a fear arises, acknowledge it and let it go. This is not just something that rings true for birthing…..but LIFE itself, as we are in a flow continuity with re-birthing ourselves. Pregnancy and birth became my living ceremony. A ceremony i still work hard on integrating into my daily walk! We stumble, we fall, we carry ONWARD!

The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral.

You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.
>>>:::Barry H. Gillespie:::<<<



This quote rings SO true, as we have infinite chances to redefine and look at things differently with a new found perspective. Always coming back, FULL CIRCLE to re-examine a belief we hold.

Here’s to continual growth and empowerment! ❤

I leave you with a little poem that was inspired and  in honor of the Warrior i found within.


=:= a future painting – gestating =:=

=:= Birth Warriors =:=

I am a birth warrior

Standing strong

On ancient ground – deeply rooted


I battled against my own fears

Doubts & worries

The foundation of my own conditioning

I conquered all things unspoken


You and I

Embraced the dance into the unknown

Trusting one another

Guided by the seen and the unseen


I am a heroine of my own tale

The mythic journey of the warrior within

This transformation ->>OURS


I slayed the dragons of ‘what if’s’

And took back my power from those who feared

Your power – the power of the Wild woman


I licked my wounds

And entered the primal wilderness

Deep within me

Here I met her – Wild woman came calling

She guided me to myself

Untamed & unscathed

She showed me how to confront my shadow

My greatest enemy

Without fear

She showed me pain and the healing that comes

As inspiration – in-spirit-i-on

The destiny of our own making


We are warriors of Birth

Stranding strong for all mother’s and babies

Ancient & new

Through US our story preserves the lineage of women

Wild women and their babies –

Our stories passed on through blood & bone


Voices of empowerment

are the echoes that ripple through time

Unravelling the spiral deep within our DNA

The labyrinth of birth and life

Coming full circle to meet the people we’ve been waiting for

The people of empowerment are coming

One >>>birth at a time


We are we’moon

Guided by instinct (((O)))


-:- warrior paint -:- hee hee



-:- a little warrior is born -:-


IMG_2468 (2)

=:= Water Baby =:=


I will create a page with my birth story for those interested :: i wrote extensively about my journey to unassisted birth, what i learned and how i prepared myself. Who knows…it might become a book?! ((O))

labyrinth birth




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