=:= Tabacco – Spirit Plant =:=

tabacco 1st-pipe-ceremony-james-roderick

Tabacco is the plant of power amongst many spiritual traditions — from the amazon to north america.According to some medicine people, it is a ‘power’ food. Tabacco is food for the spirits. That is why pinches of Tabacco are offered to plants and herbs gathered, or when prayers made.  Everything has a spirit – a field made of energy, and tabacco is food for the spirits. It feeds and strenghtens the spirits and so, if you dedicate it to protection it will feed the energies of protection. it makes prayer energies more powerful.


Tabacco feeds your own spirit when you consume it.  Its food can become addicting, especially in those with a starving spirit as it uplifts its user with its power, at least temporarily, however, using it unconsciously only lets a diluted amount of it’s essence to reach deeply enough into the depths that are crying out to be fed. it is very much like the unconscious compulsive effort of eating and never being satisfied. still hungry for more. Funny enough (or not) those who quit smoking often gain weight, because they take on a new addiction – this time one to food OR maybe another habit. whatever it may be, it is a symptom of a starving Spirit.


It’s mind blowing to think that if tabacco really does magnifies our intentions/prayers, when we consume it unconsciously, imagine all the thoughts that are amplified and thrown ‘out there’!

And even more mind blowing to think then that when commercial tabacco industries have intentions of addicting people to it to make money, both physically, by adding so many addictive chemicals and using pesticides – plus holding the actual intent of making it addiciting, you take the most powerful plants and say ” addict millions of people and place them under our command so they in turn feed us money, lots of money” —that power plant will magnify that intent and give powerful results.  the most powerful  and sacred power plant, is being used as bad medicine & with much misunderstanding of the plant itself.


Would the effects be as negative if you grew your own tabacco? if you fed it with love? free of all the chemicals that try to cover the power living within this plant.


Some time back i watched a bit of this documentary on CBC about addiction and habitual patterns. Nicotine actually left the system within 24hrs. compared to other drugs that lock into receptors more profoundly. they mentioned the habit itself, the routine, and maybe the intention behind using tabacco was what caused its addiction. On the other hand, we live in a time when many people’s Spirit’s are starving……


Starving for connection

starving for the sacred that has become a void

as we rush rush rush

moving in hurried directions

all over the place

in the continuity of our hurried lives dictated from ‘out there’

keeping up with the conditioned expectations that our lives have become

where is the time to sit with the sacred?

where is the time to sit with the mystery that life is?

what is our purpose and would you believe it if you knew?

We need to stop blaming…truly.


To blame is to continue living as the ‘victim’. We are not victims. we are powerful creators. And so, even with the use of tabacco, we cannot blame it for how it is being used!Just like we can’t blame technology for how it is used. it is neutral and up to us to use it with the appropriate intention.


The power of Tabacco is so strong, it remains intact no matter how much it is contaminated or polluted. in all attempts to dull its power, it remains strong. That is why ordinary tabacco can still be used in ceremony, because the intent of ceremony clears it, then again, the power it could ripple in all directions, when grown with loving intentions can only increase its medicine for ceremony. How beautiful that would be!


My partner grew tabacco one year. it is a beautiful plant. robust. strong.

it grew quickly and easily.



it is the only tabacco i’ve ever consumed that didn’t make me feel ill! it was pure and clean. commercial tabacco makes me nauseous and sick if i’m not de-sensitized. 😛

i’d rather not be!


i’ve read some interesting things about tabacco shamans and doing semi-fast with individual plants as a way to connect with the spirit of that specific plant. You almost overdose on the power of that plant, and through that, you learn the medicine of that plant. And so, tabacco shamans do this with Nicotiana rustica, which is much more powerful than commercial tabacco strains – nicotiana tabacum. It can be a deadly poison if ingested into the stomach in sufficient quantities. It is a nerve poison, and nicotine creates the tolerance. it has been compared to the power of the Sun. You can get harmed standing out in the sun too long if your body is not used to it. This inititation the shaman goes through could kill him, but once he survives the poisoning he comes out changed – with increased power.


i respect this plant dearly. tabacco has always been in my life, even if it was unconscious.

Hopefully in the future we will have the space to grow our own ceremonial tabacco. Until then…..

have deep respect for this plant =:=

it is not an evil plant nor to blame for the symptoms of a disease people carry.

it is a medicine plant, wanting to feed a starving soul. use it with respect. Some legends say that humans were placed on this Earth to cultivate tabacco for the Spirits, because they cannot do it themselves! 😀

Walk in beauty




Sacred tobacco is used to make smoke, is one of the most sacred of plants for Native people. It is said to be the main activator of all plants. It was given to us so that we can communicate with the Spirit world and when you use it, all things begin to happen. Tobacco is always offered before picking medicines. When you offer tobacco to a plant and explain your reasons for being there, the plant will let all the plants in the area know your intentions and why you are picking them, tobacco is used first as an offering for everything and in every ceremony. Going to ceremonies you would offer tobacco to the Elder leading those ceremonies along with an honoring gift. This announces your intention and the Elders may ask you of your intentions with this offering.


When tobacco is used to make smoke, it is one of the most sacred of plants for Native people. Some elders say that tobacco is used to connect the worlds since the plant’s roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the sky. This plant is highly respected and highly honoured. Giving tobacco is a beautiful way of our people. Ceremonies using tobacco invoke a relationship with the energies of the universe, and ultimately the Creator, and the bond made between earthly and spiritual realms is not to be broken.

There are four traditional Tobacco uses. None of them will harm you.

=:= Prayer : Offerings : Purification : Respect =:=


Some traditional methods of using Sacred Tobacco:

  1. The smoke from tobacco burned on sacred fires or in sacred pipes rises to the sky, carrying prayers to the spirit world.
  2. Sacred Tobacco can be used as a daily offering to say prayers and give thanks for all the gifts the Creator has given to us. We lay Sacred Tobacco on to the Earth, our mother, for providing all the things that help sustain our physical beings.
  3. Offering Tobacco to water is an acknowledgment of the lifeblood that sustains us all as well. Without water, we would cease to exist.
  4. Historically, many Aboriginal people used Sacred Tobacco in combination with other plants/herbs to treat some illnesses.
  5. Offering Sacred Tobacco is a way of giving thanks in advance of a request. Whenever there is a request for guidance, advice, ceremonies or taking from the animal or spirit world, Sacred Tobacco is always offered first.


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