—>>New Moon::Solar Eclipse<<—


((artist~ Martha Ramirez Oropeza))



It’s been awhile since i’ve been able to write

i have limited internet usage per month and had to take a break

breaks are always good ~ sometimes they need to be forced. ha ha.


the timing is just ripe to pick up the pitter patter of the keyboard and write

with the New Moon in Taurus coupled with a Solar Eclipse

to serve up the inspiration to share and plant new seeds =:=


Tonight’s Solar Eclipse is a super-potent New Moon, planting a seed for a new beginning that will develop over the next six months and even the next 19 years.

At every New Moon, the Sun and Moon – the cosmic Father and Mother – unite at the same degree of the zodiac, giving birth to a new cycle. At a Solar Eclipse, their union is so precise (from our perspective on Earth) that the Moon’s shadow temporarily blocks the light of the Sun:  a profound re-setting of consciousness, a regeneration of the creative life force. What wants to be “eclipsed” (released, composted, transformed) to free up energy for a rebirth? http://virgomagic.com/2014/04/28/taurus-solar-eclipse-2014/


Rebirth rebirth rebirth

this cycle is never ending!

we are continuously giving birth to ourselves and the more accepting we are of this process

the more easily this cycle of birth -death- rebirth unfolds

some resist it heavily

and it is painful

just like birth itself

the more we surrender to the power the smoother the process


the Taurus energy in harmony is very sensual and feminine

it is the fertile soil ready to be planted – ready to create abundance

it connects us to our bodies and the earth and how we nourish ourselves

how much gratitude we hold for all life


it’s shadow is greed and overconsumption

it is the ‘i want more’ disconnected from ‘ i need’

and the disregard for how precious life and earthly resources are

it has forgotten the sacred, the feminine and the life giver

it is the GMO seed who cannot reproduce!


This merging of the eclipse energy – with the Taurus energy

ask us to dig deeper

to reevaluate needs from wants

values and priorites

what you hold sacred and what you nurture

and what no longer bears fruit


what seeds are you planting?

and what has become ready to compost?


=:= i hope to sit around a fire tonight =:=

the fire is always ready to take the things i longer want to carry

i offer it up

with tabbacco

with prayer

i ask for clarity and guidance

i ask for helpers along the way

i ask the grandmothers to take away non-essentials

so i may continue rebirthing and growing myself

to be the best person i can be

to always


walk in beauty


be well






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