=:= Clearing the clutter =:=



This time of year…

after a long long winter inside

makes you want to break out & shake off the winter fur!



energies are bubbling up within you after a long hibernation-in the cave- being SOLITARY!

for me anyways….

Winter brings on a retreat

a time of contemplation & self reflection

a time to allow the visions to enter


The dynamic energies of spring calls us out of the cave

to break out of the shell so the seeds that have been germinating all winter

can take root and start reaching for the light!

seed woman


the time of separating the chaff from the wheat

calls for clearing the clutter

both within & without

it’s all connected

the inner changes call for outer changes 😉

as above as below

i guess that’s where the term ‘Spring Cleaning’ must originate from?!

like a snake that sheds its skin as a form of rebirth

we are also called to shed the unwanted to make room for new growth


i’m not a huge fan of cleaning…

who really is?

but the results is what people strive for

feeling accomplished and feeling better in your space!

it itself can be quite a creative act 🙂

life is an art, afterall


when i do housework i’m also clearing the energies in my home

when my home is cluttered and too many things strewn all about

i also feel cluttered and scattered

funny that!

unfortunately, a life with children makes this a regular thing! ha.

and so

it becomes a collective pool of energy that is building in the house!

(even as i type this – behind me – little tornadoes wreak havoc~!)


the urge for clearing the clutter doesn’t only happen in the Spring though

it can happen at any time of the year when we need release those things no longer needed

physical or metaphysical

within the natural cycles of the year though

i also find the Fall to be another time i’m naturally drawn to a

>>>before Winter<<<


a release before the long dark nights

spent indoors!


Smudging with Sage and Sweetgrass

or even incense

is an energetic equivalent to dusting – and invites invigorating negative ions into the home  🙂

it helps cleanse out all the stagnant energies that have been building in the home

little matrices of energies

that collect and store

like dust

except they are made up of thoughts and feelings

that accumulate in time.

a good smudge is a must for the >>Spiritual Houskeeper<<



open all the windows and doors

allowing the fresh winds of change to flow through the house

carrying with it

anything no longer needed


it can be quite the process

the kind that never ends…

but that is how it is supposed to BE

and i hope it can only mean >new growth< is imminent!


keep changing

and spiral on……..

spring-michael hiep



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