=:= Growing INTO Motherhood =:=

little me


Although when i was a little girl

i had a natural maternal instinct

i never really thought, as i was growing

i would be happy just being a ‘housewife’!


Just a mother

just a home maker


i didn’t like the mold society created around mother’s and housewives

i didn’t want to be ONE of them


i was also quite the ‘tom-boy’

sure i liked the odd dress & pretty things

i played with dolls

but i could also keep up with the boys!

i liked to be rowdy

climb trees

and was good at sports (i had a mean kick 😉 )

i also had a pocket knife and loved carving sticks


i almost felt it was a weakness to be a girl/Woman

i wasn’t weak

maybe i should have been a boy?


ha ha….


it was going to take many Moons from then

to understand

i was SO wrong!

and so was the rest of the patriarchal – cheuvinistic – conditioned society we live in!


i understand now

a Woman is a powerful force

so powerful infact

it took many many generations to break her

sleeping women

through her

the World is born =:=


isn’t that the most extraordinary power there is?

she is the lifebringer

she is the nurturer of dreams

she is the guardian of human existence


without Woman

there is no Man


this kind of wisdom can only be affirmed

through the power of woman that lives within

through the bearing of one’s child

through the acknowledgement of the creative force

that makes babies OR art


Life is an art


Even after the birth of my first child

i kept thinking i needed to be more

more than a mother to this beautiful being


i was wrong


then my second child came into the world

and i missed the miracle it was again

i kept thinking still

i needed to be more than just a mother

a stay at home mama

i was wrong



with the power of 3

came realization


29 - 30 weeks with tree

i saw a glimpse

i tasted the power

i think i understand


This sweet nectar that children brought alive in me

is the taste of wildwater

i met a wildwoman

she taught me how to see




she painted her body

and placed feathers in her hair

she roamed with the bear –

she howled with the wolves

she roamed through an untamed wilderness

and found herself


that was the birth of my fourth child


an ancient goddess awoke in me

she is teaching me

to bring back the old ways – the ancient footsteps of our foremothers ((O))

who knew how to walk with this power

how to weave & sculpt the energies around them

they understood the sacred nature of their beings

how they gave birth to Worlds!


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