-:- Making do with what you have

if you are in the pursuit of happiness – stop chasing money

like right now!

because money will never – EVER buy your happiness or peace of mind

sure you need it – but that is manmade

yes – it gives you some form of freedom

to travel & buy whatever you want

but will that fill the void that can only be filled by inner peace?

and how to find inner peace?

well, i can’t say i know the answer exactly

because its most likely a path that is different for each of us

but i can say you WON”T find it in pursuit of numbers…..

bob marlyReal wealth

has nothing to do with money!


i want to live a simple life…

simple right?


this world is full of get rich quick schemes & always leaving you longing for more…more…more…

it never ends – a bottomless pit

no matter how much stuff you buy it will never fill a void that needs to be filled by accepting who YOU are and WHAT you have.

the marketing giants know this…..

believe me

they employ top psychologists to get under you skin

to your core

touching on you deepest fears, longings, imperfections and desires

they play your emotions like an instrument – except you don’t even know you are being played.


if anything ~ Inner peace can only really come when you accept what you DO have


i want a simple life & i have chosen a road that is rarely travelled…


my road isn’t even a road…

at best

its a goat trail! ha ha.

i chose the goat trail because i want my footprint to fade back into the Earth

to be recycled back into an infinite cycle of life – death -rebirth

i don’t want to leave a trail of sludge and garbage behind




it’s quite a challenge at the best of times but nothing of value has EVER come easy.

My partner & i have made many sacrfices

one of them being remaining a single income family – averaging $30-40,000 a year.

in a small community where our first industry jobs have become increasingly slim

and being gobbled up by the big corporate war machine who wants to eat up as many of our raw resources

as fast as possible.

in this case >>>TREES<<<being that big resource, here

so work has been a challenge for my partner and i because being a ‘family’ is our number one priority over money

ironically, the hardest jobs are the ones paying shamefully little and cost you your integrity if you have any

they also come with the biggest sacrifice of being away more than you are home

So they want to entice folks in need of work with other resource robbing -Earth killing – potentials  like Pipelines and mining. YAY!

Say goodbye to clean water…..

So again

we live simply – for that reason

no yearly vacations or big shopping spree’s here!

OR brand new – anythings….

and that is ok

camping is cheap 😉 with equally good therapeutic benefits

so is going for walks together

& growing a garden. buying seeds is money well spent.



we also chose to allow our children a life where their early years can unfold in their own time – naturally

we are natural learners

i’d say we homeschool but that might just give you the impression i’ve created a classroom in my home

they sit at desks and i stand in front of my chalkboard!


they world itself is a classroom!

human beings are wired to LEARN – its instinctual and vital to our longevity


we didn’t necessarily choose this path because we think the world is evil and we don’t want our children brainwashed into

following conventional thought (well, maybe a little heh heh) – and no : not because we are religious 😉


ha ha!

but we had a mutual understanding that we were going to bring children into our world because we want to be with them

we want to teach them

we want to guide them

we want to be together

we didn’t have children to start handing them over to institutions so we ourselves could participate in the 9-5 grind

a career driven – money ambitious pursuit of inevitable unhappiness and longing we see reflected in our daily lives.

we didn’t want to have kids because that is what you do when you turn a certain age

like another commodity

another mold to adhere to

we want to teach our children that striving only for material will leave you feeling deeply un-fullfilled & empty


We would like to move from a life of surving into a life of thriving!



now back to marketing and living a simple life

its all the rage nowadays to throw around the terms of ‘eco’ friendly and self sustainable!

totally 2 things i want in my life for sure

but all the hype again will be around more expensive items you can now purchase that are ECO friendly.

be AWARE of green washing 😉 you have been warned


many beautiful things can be bought to make you feel you are doing YOUR part –


that is just not affordable ~ for US ~ and often not necessary ~ “LESS IS MORE!”

*brand new cars – electric- fuel efficient – YOU know…better for the environment – so we just minimize driving and usually only have 1 vehicle!

* brand new appliances – more energy efficient – yadda yadda ~ we make do with our hand-me-down fridge/washer/dryer etc. we are grateful for hand me downs – ya, maybe our appliances would be nicer newer or our couches, beds and bookshelves less worn but that’s ok

* eco friendly clothing – if you can afford $100-$150 a pair of pants SO we get things at the thrift store & sometimes you find that lovely renewable textile 😉

* eco friendly storage and kitchen appliances – So i use and recycle old yoghurt containers

*eco friendly mattresses without all the toxins and chemicals ~ well, that will have to  wait BUT at least we all have beds!

* brand new houses with the latest renewable resourced and sustainable building supplies -we don’t live in our dream home that is self sustainable  OR that energy efficient  but we have a roof over our heads and our children our happy here despite how old it is & less than perfect :  we WILL pursue building our home one day that suits our needs and limits our footprint and gets us OFF THE GRID  ~ but for now ~ we are happy we have a home to protect us from the elements.

* eco friendly toys for kids ~ we have some wooden toys ~ YES ~ as well as kept treasures from my childhood, including Barbies! i don’t really need to buy toys. Some of their favorites are home~made.

*eco friendly cleaning supplies ~ i make my own

i mean the list goes on and on and on…….

There are many things to be thankful for ~ including our awesome drinking water from our well – that’s tapped into an underground spring.


i do get frustrated quite often about the rising costs of food however and our small selection of naturally grown foods where we live

the amount of local famer’s here are very small and mostly raising cattle not growing produce – the  people here tend to grow their own when they can

& we will have to continue learning & improving this skill

i get pretty pissed off at the state of the world ~ sometimes too often

the fact we NOW have to call food ‘organic’ should really say something about the rest of the so called food out there….(another post maybe ha)


how polluted our lifelines have become – food -water- air- clothing- products – YUCK

but that won’t change unless people on a huge scale begin to simplify their lives – one person at a time.

and that is happening…

even if its slow

So ask yourself how you can simplify your life ~ what your true needs are apart from the many many wants

and how your choices have an impact on our World & the industries behind the marketing – don’t let pretty packaging fool ya.

there are so many ways to make powerful changes and most of them will actually cost you less – in the long run

every little thing makes a huge difference 🙂


and always be grateful for what YOU have! (((O)))







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