-:- Multi~tasking is an Art & So is embracing challenges -:-


Yesterday i wanted to take some time to ~create~

which is already a bit challenging with a 3 month old in the house!

the older kids ( 9 & 7) are great at entertaining themselves…i’ll post some of their creations another time.

…but what made it more challenging this day is that Luca my 2 year old was a bit out of sorts this day.

so this is what happened next 🙂


He ended up falling fast asleep while i held him ~ multi~tasking cuddles and drawing…heck, i’m multi-tasking as i write this!


his sister Lili took these pictures because she thought it was cute


Rowan was content playing on the floor beside me -:-

Turns out though Luca’s off day became a challenging night ~ running a fairly high fever by the ~feel~ of it (i blame teething & pushing molars)

he struggled all night with seeing & feeling spiders!

perhaps the high fever brought on some delirium ~

or something much beyond our scope of understanding gets activated with fever’s

whatever the explanation it was a long night for Mama and Papa and Lili who decided to join sleeping with us -:- except noone really slept!

~ applying cold cloths & trying to comfort him ~

i was grateful for her help though, especially after daddy went to work – he already leaves the house super early due to the forestry work he does, but this morning he got up at 3:30am (hardly morning if you ask me) to get ready.

this is us today ~ me trying to nurture 2 young needy beings – nursing and comforting them in their own way


of course, the baby Rowan slept like a rock last night* its like they like to alternate…eh!

So, i break out the willow tincture i made (fever/pain reliever) and hope he’ll drink the Yarrow tea.

it’s so hard to see our kids so out of sorts ~ especially with this little one who is usually such a bright light* & jovial spirit


…and very quirky too!

So on we go…keep moving forward

hoping for healing energies to mend this rough patch ——————–>>> and that it passes quickly!

maybe some sleep would be nice…ha.

Life is like that though ~ all or nothing sometimes ~ bend or break & then there’s

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Friedrich Nietzsche


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