-:- The Ancient art of Smudging -:-

Smudging is an ancient practice ~ it’s unclear where it began or where it truly originated ~ perhaps a simultaneous practice all over the Earth as a gift to the people from the plant world.

It is a powerful cleansing technique most commonly associated with Native American spirituality but actually dates back millennia. Most traditional cultures, including the Zulu, and Chinese, for example, have age old rituals for blessing and cleansing. There has been evidence it even goes back to ancient europe amongst the pagan & druid cultures.

wherever it originated it is clear it is a powerful healing tool -:-

Smudging purifies a room or your own energy field by using the smoke of sacred herbs.

It can help clear negative energy from a space. And the apparent benefits are steeped in science—when burned, sage and other herbs release negative ions, which research has linked to a more positive mood.

Most commonly used plants are Sage & Sweetgrass. Sage helps clear the negative energies while Sweetgrass invites positive energies.

Many other herbs and plants may also be used.
Emotional cleansing (after arguments and in relationship rituals): Sage, cedar, lavender, and borage which is optional.

Mental clearing mix for clarity: Rosemary, juniper, pure tobacco, sweetgrass.

Healing of mind and body: sage, cedar, lavender, and echinacea which is optional.

Spiritual mix, for divination, intuition and calling on the spirits: sage, mugwort, copal or frankincense resin, lavender.

it can become a simple ceremony or more elaborate ceremony, that is up to you. what is important is showing respect and gratitude for the plant itself, asking it kindly to share its medicine with you.

after smudging it is advised to dispose of the left over ashes in a good way, because they hold the energies you are working on clearing. offer thanks and bring them outside.


me smudging while pregnant 🙂



-:- The Ancient art of Smudging -:-

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