-:- The Fourth Tri~mester! -:-


“The newborn has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breatfeeding satisfies all three.”

-:- Grantley Dick-Read


What is a 4th trimester, really?

i first came across this term a few years ago but found myself intuitively nurturing this precious time, of the first 3 months, out of the womb.

i just recently once again, 4th time around, crossed this threshold. Rowan now just over 3 moons old.

It’s after this ‘trimester’ i begin to slowly shift more naps to my bed 🙂 as the baby gets bigger & packs on more weight to carry. ha!

i find the first 3 months there are many adjustments as you find a new dance around the everyday ~ a new routine begins to settle in.


it’s natural for things to take time to adjust to life ~Earthside~

a movement from womb to world is a huge transition!

so much new to experience and integrate : the smells, sounds, feelings, hunger, sleep

everything that was just recently all provided instantly ~ nestled so peaceful in a warm cocoon

“Birth suddenly disrupts this organization. During the month following birth, baby tries to regain his sense of organization and fit into life outside the womb. Birth and adaptation to postnatal life bring out the temperament of the baby, so for the first time he must do something to have his needs met. He is forced to act, to “behave.” If hungry, cold, or startled, he cries. He must make an effort to get the things he needs from his caregiving environment. If his needs are simple and he can get what he wants easily, he’s labeled an “easy baby”; if he does not adapt readily, he is labeled “difficult.”” -:- Dr.William Sears -:-


So we spend alot of time cuddling after birth

being held



sleeping together

& being kept close to my body.

~ its good for both of ~ we are still a symbiotic entity

both still needing one another to achieve homeostasis ~ still entwined in an intricate web


sometimes it doesn’t matter who holds him

all that matters is that he is held in love

after all ~ Mama does need to tend to others things sometimes!


(Did i mention older siblings are great! such a beautiful sight ~ the caring and oppurtunity to share in their younger siblings unfolding -:-)


Sometimes though -:- only Mama will do 🙂



Papa is great too! ~

IMG_2687 IMG_2700

Sometimes even content to just chill or be swaddled while sleeping 🙂 all babies are different afterall: this one likes to be held…A LOT.

is it surprising that this need is hard wired in us, for survival? even proper brain & heart development. should we be surprised most babies aren’t content, even fussy when they are not cradled in our arms? afraid when they wake at night, alone?  independence comes from nurturing complete dependance in those early months and years.

after all ~ for 10 moons mother and baby shared a body ~ inseparable ~ magically entwined as one & eventually becoming two! don’t believe in magic?

i think its extraordinary and am in awe of this supreme~intelligence :its amazing we can do this. isn’t it?

then again, i see miracles in many things 🙂


this is a Woman’s true creative power in action -:-

Babies are tied to their mother through sight, smell & touch but also through an energetic bond.

an energetic umbilical cord that really, remains for life, connecting us to our birth mothers

within her field still cocooned ~ energetically ~ until they develop their own independent fields & eventually we develop our own connection to another Mother…

our ~beautiful ~ Earth


“Empathy: the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.”

a baby is still just as tied to a mother’s emotions after birth as it was in the womb ~ babies are very empathic and we can continue to nurture that sense in them by becoming mindful they are indeed swimming in the same sea of energy.

~we all are~


Empathy and intuition are tools every mother has within her (((O)))

So what can we do to our meet our babies needs ~ to ease the transition ~ pretty simple things really…

no need for anything fancy or anything the Creator of your being didn’t already equip you with 😉


The womb is a constantly moving space, Braxton Hicks would squeeze your baby at the end of pregnancy and each time you moves your baby was wobbled around inside.


Imagine how snug your baby was at the very end of your pregnancy inside of you – now imagine how strange it must feel to them after they have been born and have so much space around them! Swaddling is the ancient art of snugly wrapping your baby to help him feel safe and secure. It can keep him from being disturbed by his own startle reflex.

Skin to Skin Contact

Such a brilliant baby calmer! Being in contact with your warm, naturally (un)scented, skin is heaven for a baby, it helps to stabilize their body temperature, heart rate and stress hormones and stimulates the release of oxytocin – the love and bonding hormone – in you both.


Wearing your baby in a sling is one of the ultimate ways to keep them calm and happy. It increases the time a baby spends in a state of “quiet alertness” – a time of contentment when they learn the most. When a baby is in utero they spend 100% of their time in physical contact with u.

Bed-Sharing~ Helps Breastfeeding & Milk Supply

Co-Sleeping and breastfeeding go hand in hand, indeed we know the research says it is only breastfeeding mothers who should co-sleep with their babies (due to their heightened states of arousal to their infant), we know that the close physical contact – oftentimes skin to skin – that comes with bedsharing can make the breastfeeding experience so much easier. We also release more Prolactin a night, a hormone that helps with milk production! NIGHT FEEDS are GOOD! For oh so many reasons including the concept of limbic regulation, gaseous exchange, decreased levels of infant apnoea, and the increased arousability in breastfeeding mums (resulting in heightened awareness to their infants).We are wired, again, for survival, and despite that we may not be living caves and warding off predators, an infant still seeks that security and protection.


-:- InJoy this time ~ it goes by fast -:-


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