When it comes to true healing we can’t leave behind our emotional well being and our need to nourish the well of our Spirit. Healing comes when we unify all aspects of who we are, rather than only treating the symptoms of our body. Most commonly all suffering is rooted in a lack of true self love. Like the quote from this powerful writing reveals, self love is the toughest love to give.

“You want from others what you will not give yourself!” Her eyes tear up again, and she said “How do you love yourself ? I don’t want to be selfish. Aren’t I supposed to love others?” “I am not talking about selfish love, I am talking about self love,” he said. “ On the heart path you must begin there. If you do not love yourself first, then you are not really on the heart path. This means your love of all others is faulty in some way. If you truly love You, your heart will open to embrace all your relations. So it is not selfish. If you do not love You, then you will always be needy and wanting from others. That will make you selfish, self-preoccupied. They will feel your neediness.”

i mean the love you give yourself when you accept yourself completley! especially the stuff you dislike about yourself. the YOU you’d rather be or just wishing to be anything but yourself. You want to be like another, completely loosing yourself by being in awe of another.

After a minute of silence, Eagle Heart continued to whisper his message while looking straight into her eyes: “The mastery of self-hatred requires that you continually practice your craft of loveless living. So to master self-hatred, get good at suppressing you unique individuality. Take your direction in life from others. Look for anything that will suppress you. Copy your friends and neighbors. Try to be like the people around you. Think what they think, feel what they feel, want what they want, and buy what they buy. That way you will become rubbed smooth as a colorless stone that no one, including yourself, will take seriously. Then someone can come along and use you like a stone on the beach and toss and skip you across the water for their own amusement.”

raising children to be in touch with this part of themselves can also be a struggle if you yourself haven’t done the healing work to clear all those expectations you’ve placed on yourself and the conditioning that was handed down to you. Healing is an act of many generations!

Think of how a parent loves a child. I am not talking about just feeling cozy affection. I am talking about loving as real care and concern for that child. You will be truly loving if you encourage it, provide space for it to show its true nature and discover itself. You will be truly loving it if you protect it from harm. You love this child when you show respect, and when you spend quality time alone with it. You are loving when you teach it to find its own center of direction in the heart. You love this child as you teach it good wisdom principles to live by, including how to respect other humans and other creatures of Mother Earth. You love that child when you lend a hand in difficult times. You love it with true loyalty and honor its unique individuality.

we have to learn and let go. to allow our own children to express their unique authentic selves without our own demands placed on them! hard eh. you may one day find yourself confronting the  disillusionment you carried when you had certain hopes or expectations of your own children. Let them go now i say. Let them unfold precisely the way they meant to, not how you want them to. as we work on releasing this wound in ourselves, we also help them, and one day they will carry this forward…7 generations into the future. all they need is to learn to truly love themselves, if we can give our children that one and only gift a powerful seed has been planted. _/\_

please read the whole article! i really enjoyed it and it resonates with such deep truth -:-




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