-:- Spring ~ Energy -:-

Spring? you might ask…..

well not according to our modern day calenders perhaps…

and not so much when looking out my window where i live….the snow still covers the landscape here & we just came out of a february coldsnap with -25 weather for a few days!

but technically imbolc on February 2 marks the beginning of spring & the spring equinox marks the halfway point!

besides all those technicalities i won’t get into at this time (plus there’s plenty of info on the web! if you feel inspired to look 🙂 ) i ~FEEL~ it within myself….an inner stirring of new life beneath the surface; just as all the plants still lay covered with a blanket of snow here awaiting to kiss the sun again. dormant. but SO alive.

there is much i want to create this year =:=

i’ve been inspired to share so much more of myself since giving birth this last winter (november 29th) and am still riding the power i channeled as i brought my new son into the world in our own home and in our own way. (i will post our birth story journey when i have completed typing it). However, for now i have to honour that he is only 3 moons (months hee hee) old and we are just completing what some refer to as the ‘4th trimester’. a transition time from womb to world & includes alot of holding and carrying and nursing!

….so i lay my many inspirational stirrings into writing, like here, or a journal, or a doodle in my sketch pad so i don’t miss the musings of the season and the coming of new life around me.

i feel the energies around me

the cosmos

it is the year of the horse and i feel like i’m riding a wild one….

we’ll see how many of these seeds will be nurtured to harvest, literally and metaphorically speaking!

i have a few plans and adventures i hope to share as they get going. the things i would like to wild harvest and make for this year, its all a learning adventure to me. always growing…. Image


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